Deep Comp- 2/1/17

Team meeting this Saturday at 4:30 PM. Location to be determined. This is one of the few mandatory meetings that we host all year. It will be concise and won't last more than 30-45 minutes. 

Again, volume is slightly tapered today so you guys can continue to heal from this weekend. We see it time and time again, athletes feel fine or even invincible after a competition and then crash a week later. #Trust that this is what's best for you, and you will be ready for the volume to increase soon. 


I. Myofascial Release Techniques (MRT)

A. Spend 15 to 20 minutes working out residual soreness and inflammation from the fittest games.  


II. Movement 

3 Rounds  

9 Fast Sumo Deadlifts 

M-185, 205, 225

F-130, 145, 155

7 Strict Chin-ups

5 Press @70%

400m run @60-70%


III. Conditioning 

3 sets for time:

10 Overhead Walking Lunges 165/115

15 Chest to Bar Pull-ups  

500m Row 

15 Kipping HSPU

Rest 2:00

  1. All movements must be unbroken. Scale accordingly. 



Austin finding a way to work through a weakness so his teammates can use their strengths. #teamwork #sacrifice 

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