Deep Comp- 2/3/16

Our team meeting will be this Saturday at 4:30 PM at the gym. Show up early and expect to be done by 5 PM.

Our Love Runs Deep comp is Feb. 11th from 8-12pm. I highly encourage you guys to sign up for this, as it will be the only exercise opportunity of the day, and a great time to mingle with our community. You are not allowed to partner with another deep comp member. 

I. Strength  

A&B. Player's choice- this is your time to do whatever you want. Are there movements you haven't done in a while? Do you want a sick pump? Are there movements that need special attention? This is your time to have it your way.  We will start a strict regimen on Monday that will span through the open.

  1. Choose 1-2 movements, stay below 80% and below 25 total reps of each exercise.  

II. Conditioning  

C.  "Real sports"- get out of breath doing something new. This could be Basketball, spikeball, racquetball, volleyball etc. 


Dan the man- picking things up and putting them back down, for time.  

Chip PhillipsComment