Reaching your potential involves more than a workout on a board. A driven community, coaching expertise, and sound programming are the foundation of our gym.

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Our first home, Deep Ellum is a culturally rich neighborhood near downtown Dallas. Over 10k square feet of usable gym space and a dedicated Olympic Lifting Room.

3030 Canton St. Dallas, TX, 75226

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Oak Cliff

Our newest home, North Oak Cliff has a rich history and a vibrant future. Our facility is located in the new Sylvan 30 development catty-corner to The Belmont Hotel.

750 Ft Worth Ave. Dallas, TX, 75208

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Elements Course

This is where the journey begins. Immerse yourself in our training philosophy and develop the fundamental movements before joining our challenging and fun training classes.

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Deep Training

Monday - Friday

7:30A (Except T/Th)
1:00-4:00P (Only F/Su)
7:30P (Except Friday)



Deep Barbell

Monday - Friday

(Except Th/Fri)

(Except Fri)




Deep Stretch






Hover over a particular day to see what we have coming up. We are even showing you which benchmarks are coming up!

Upcoming Closures

2/27/15 - No 5:30/6:30 PM Classes Due to Open 15.1
3/3/15 - No Evening Classes Due to Open 15.2

The 2015 CrossFit Games Season is Here


In life, some of the toughest situations and most challenging scenarios we experience end up holding the most value. We tend to learn from these hardships, empowering us and allowing us to forge ahead with renewed strength. CrossFit is no different. Something as simple as a tough workout can make the remainder of our day feel easier.

We see members make amazing transformations that they thought impossible. They look at themselves and they see the culmination of their hard work. They think “wow, if I was able to do this, what else am I capable of?”

Competition brings about anxiety, nerves as we often call them, and we wonder if we will fail or succeed. Often times we shy away from competition not because we think we may let others down, but that we will let ourselves down. That we will fail at achieving some made up expectation in our own mind. The thought that the time and effort we’ve put in was still not enough seems devastating. These negative thoughts are what prevent us from experiencing truly amazing things in life.

It isn’t about success or failure, it is about doing.

When the coaches at Deep encourage you to participate in the Open, it is because we want you to experience something that many of you haven’t in a long time. We want you to remember what it feels like to get nervous, to do something scary, to walk away feeling accomplished and proud that you conquered a fear. Or even better, walk away realizing you are capable of so much more than you often give yourself credit for.

Team Deep isn’t about success or failure, it is about doing. As a community we get to share the experience of competition. We get to motivate each other, support each other, and inspire each other. If you have any doubts about competing, tell those doubts to F*#@ off. You can do it.



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