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Reaching your potential involves more than a workout on a board. Experienced and engaging coaches, a supportive community, and sound programming are the foundation of our gym.


What makes us different?

Most people join a gym to exercise and change their appearance. What our members soon realize is that our training program affects them on a much deeper and fulfilling level. 



Thursday’s @ 6PM during the Open!

Whether you are feeling beat up from the open workouts or just want to step up your recovery game, this class is for you. Join @lindsleym at 6pm on Thursday’s for the remainder of the open. We will spend about 45-60 minutes doing mobility, stretching and some easy, low impact aerobic stuff to get you recovered and ready for whatever Castro throws at you.
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We want to help anyone we can with movement and overall workout strategy tips and insights. We will catalogue ongoing videos during the 2018 Open Season here!



18.4 is almost here! This Friday we will be hanging out at Deep and enjoying some awesome BBQ while we cheer on everyone doing the workout.