Dee Comp- 1/31/17

Today is a small step toward our normal strength and conditioning work load. Be patient, your body needs it. Will anybody be out of town late this Saturday? Please comment below. It is looking like we will have our meeting at 4:30 PM on Saturday afternoon.

A. Alternating EMOM 16

13/10 Calorie Row

10 GHD Sit-ups

13 Kettlebell swings 53/35

5 Burpee BBJO


B. Back Squat (rest 1:30)

10 x 50%

8 x 60%

5 x 70%

3 x 75%


C. Alternating EMOM 8

10/8 Calorie Bike

2 Hang Power Snatch 155/110


Danny celebrating a 25# Snatch PR at 185 after cheering for his teammates all weeekend and feeding off their success.  

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