Deep Comp- 1/17/17

I. Back Prehab Warmup

3:00 Aerobic Element (row, run, or bike)

2:00s Couch e/s (quad focused 1 min, iliopsoas focused 1 min)

  1. Keep HR in the 60-70%, looking for burn of awareness, not pain indicative of a nearly failed set.

30 Dead Walks (very light)

25 Clamshells E/S

20 Prone SL Hip Extension and Knee Flexion

15 Reverse Hypers 3-1-x-2

10 Bird/Dogs e/s 3-1-3-1

5 Slow Frog Squats 6-2-6-2 (quadruped position with knees splayed)

Optional: Banded Glute Bridges- 1 x 30

  1. Longevity and wellness is paramount, especially this time of year. It's critical to break the routine of just "Strength and Conditioning" and add some maintenance/rehab/prehab in occasionally. This portion will help you get a feel for whats going on in your posterior chain, as well as get everything firing optimally before you deadlift heavy. Take this portion seriously, it's placed first for a reason. 


II. Powerlifting

A. Deadlift-

1 x 6 @72% 

1 x 5 @77% 

2 x 4 @80% 

1 x 3 @85% 

  1. Rest as needed

B1. Partial ROM Deadlifts (floor to knee)- 3 x 3@85%

  1. Total time under tension should be no more than 10s.  

B2. Tall Box Jumps- 3x6 

Rest 3-5 minutes  


III. Conditioning

AMRAP 4:30

10 Clean and Jerks 95/65

3 Bar Muscleups

(Rest 2:30)


10 Clean and Jerks 95/65

3 Bar Muscleups




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