Deep Comp- 1/16/17

I. Strength

A. EMOM 15: 1 Back Squat (same weight as last week)

B1. Incline DB Bench Press- 4 x 6-8 (rest :45)

B2. Decline DB Lat Pullover- 4 x 8 (rest 1:30)

  1. B- Instruction will be provided in person. Heavy working weights for both.


II. Auxiliary

3 Sets NFT:

7 Bottom Up KB Press (5252)

5 Weighted Vest Horizontal Ring Row (21x2)

3 DB Squat Snatch (e/s, TnG, not alternating)

Rest 2-3 Minutes


III. Conditioning


Assault Bike Calories

Toes to Bar

  1. Have a teammate reset the monitor each set.
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