Show Me The Place


All sets must be touch and go to count. All this means is that during your set of 5, the bar must touch and shoulder and immidiately travel back upwards.

As many rounds as possible in 6 minutes: With a partner A: Kettlebell Front Rack Hold B: 10 Knees to Elbows, 20 Mountain Climbers

Coaches Notes: Press can be an extremely difficult and frustrating lift for many people. Considering how short the bar has to travel, one would think it would be an easier lift to complete. Instead of boring you all with the geometric reasons for the difficulty, let's instead focus on a very simple way to improve your Press. Squeeze your core tight! The core is often overlooked when Pressing and will lead to a serious reduction in power output. Imagine standing on top of a bosu ball and pressing something overhead. This is an exeggeration of what happens when the core is loose. Without tightening the core properly, the power your arms generate to displace the bar will become absorbed by any movement in the trunk. The more power absorbed by unwanted movement, the less power left to help you move that bar overhead. A quick and easy way to solidify your core is by inhaling air while pressing your stomach outward at the same time. This will press the diaphragm down and allow the lungs to fill up fully. Afterwards, simply squeeze back down on your abs, creating as much internal pressure as possible. At this point your body should be very rigid and you will be ready to Press!