"Litvinov Sprints"3 Rounds 5-8 Front Squats (80-85% of 1 rep max) 200m Sprint (immediately after dropping the bar)

Rest as needed between rounds

The goal is to hit failure on every set. If this happens during the squat, simply drop the bar and immediately sprint. If you barely make a rep and know the next will be failure, drop the bar from the top and sprint.

Coaches Notes: Today's workout was inspired by Sergey Litvinov. This guy was a beast at the hammer throw. In the early 80's an American discus thrower decided to venture overseas to learn what others were doing for training. He witnessed a 196 pound man front squat 405 pounds 8 times, and then proceed to run 400m in 75 seconds. He then did this two more times. Just let that sink in for a second. More than twice his bodyweight, for 8 reps.