Loud Pipes

Deadlift1 rep max


"Diane" 21-15-9 Deadlift Handstand Pushups

Weight Guide: 385+ use 225, 300-385 use 185, 200-285 use 165, less than 155 use 105, etc

Coaches Notes: What is the obsession with doing things Rx'd? Sometimes I wish CrossFit never used the term. Don't get me wrong, I am all about competition, and I love the motivation it brings people. Doing the workout with the same standards is a great way to judge yourself against your peers. The problem I have is that it often pushes people to use a weight that they shouldn't. Instead of someone using a weight that will benefit their training, they will use a weight that detracts from it. They will end up going slower than the workout intends, or performing the movement incorrectly to make up time. What I hope you take away from today's notes is renewed focus. Renewed focus on your goals. Knowing your goals allows you to train smarter to reach them. This shouldn't come as a surprise but injury is probably not one of your goals. Be smart, choose the weight that makes the most sense. Not sure what weight to use? No problem, we have these cool people called coaches and their job is to help you identify the weight that will give you the best results. /end soapbox