Deep Comp- 6/17/16

 I. Strength

A. Find 1RM Deadlift

  1. No rounded backs. Stop before technical failure. We need a baseline here, not an injury.

B. Find Max Reps at 85% of A. 

  1. One maximal set of touch n go (TnG) and unbroken reps. The same rules on form apply. 

C. Find 1RM Seated BTN Press

B. Find 1RM Weighted Pullups

II. Conditioning

CP Repeat Test..

5 Power Clean & Jerk 155#                                       

9 Burpees to target (to 15")                                       

  1. Set a target 15 inches above your standing reach. Rest 8x the round duration. 
  2. Preformed at 100% intensity, Do as many rounds as possible until you reach critical drop off of three seconds or more.