Deep Comp- 4-22, 4-23, 4-24

Time to get excited about our second official weekend of regional style team workouts! These workouts will provide a variety of different ways to work with your teammates and test your ability to maintain intensity over the course of a weekend with higher volume (than last). This will be a great opportunity to fine-tune your diet, sleeping patterns, and supplementation in order to support durability over the course of a demanding weekend. Some of these workouts may be changed or adapted to accommodate our personnel. 


Day 1 (Individual Testing for Aggregate Scores) (8:15pm)

Minutes 0-6:
15-10-5 Strict Handstand Pushups
90-60-30' Front Rack Walking Lunges 155/105# (Axle Bar)

Minutes 7-13:
Find Max Snatch + Hang Snatch (both squat)

Minute 14-Completion:
9 Muscleups
5 Clusters 205/145#
7 Muscleups
4 Clusters 205/145#
5 Muscleups
3 Clusters 205/145#



Day 2 Workout 1: Truform Session (8:00am) MF Pairs:

2003 N Henderson Ave.
5 Minutes on: 5 Minutes off
4 on: 4 off
3 on: 3 off
2 on: 2 off
1 on: 1 off
*One partner rests while the other runs

Day 2 Workout 2: Synchronized Burner (8:45am, outdoor) MF Pairs:

Chest to Deck Pushups
Kettlebell Swings 53/35

Day 2 Workout 3:  Don't Drop That Thun Thun (5:30pm, outdoor):

*If the barbell touches the ground you must start the entire workout over, not including the buy in.
Buy in: FFF and MMM teams each accumulate 2:00 Minutes of Freestanding Handstands
then, each team completes the following on (the same barbell)without putting the bar down:
60 Overhead Squats 135/95#
40 Front Squat 185/125#
20 Shoulder to overhead 225/155#

Day 2 Skill Session (6:00pm, Open Gym) 

This is your opportunity to practice HS walks, rope climbs, DB snatch, Triple Unders, and any other skill in which you lack proficiency. 



Day 3 Workout 1: Team Chipper MF-MF-MF-MF
15 Hang Power Clean 155/105#
25 T2B
80 Alternating Pistols
25 T2B
15 Hang Power Clean 155/105#

Day 3 Workout 2: Partner Holds MM and FF
6 Legless (partners deadlift hold 410/290)
10 Deadlifts (partners hold on rope)
4 Legless (partner deadlift hold 410/290)
20 Deadlifts (partners hold on rope)
2 Legless Climbs (partners deadlift hold 410/290)
30 Deadlifts (partners hold on rope)
*Male one and two perform 6 legless together while female one and female two hold the deadlift bar, once rope climbs are completed, they switch positions and then repeat. Once the 6 legless climbs are completed by both teams of two, they advance to the deadlifts while the other duo performs rope holds. Continue advancing in this fashion..

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