Deep Comp- 12/2/15

I. Warmup  

30 Cal A/B

2 Rounds  

10 Strict Regular Grip Pullups

10 Kipping Ring Dips

II. Strength  

A. Deadlift - work to 2x3 @80-85%

  1. Touch and Go. Pick a percentage based on how you're feeling today.  

B. Speed Deadlifts - 3x5  @65%

  1. Drop from the top each rep and focus on speed throughout the entire concentric (ascent) portion of the lift.

III. Conditioning

Row 1500m

20 Muscleups

  1. No scaling to 80/70% for ladies today.  
  2. First set of muscleups MUST go to failure.  
  3. After the first set, there is a 10 box jump penalty for for failed muscleups. 
  4. As you probably guessed, the goal is to train the body to understand how to push past failure on muscleups and for each athlete to better understand their capability on the rings.  

Trust - Teamwork - Sacrifice - Discipline  

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