In House Olympic Weightlifting Seminar

CrossFit Deep Ellum is proud to announce our first Olympic Weightlifting Seminar!

Spend a day honing your skills through detailed lecture, and hands-on practical application on the Snatch and Clean & Jerk. This is the perfect chance for anyone interested in advancing their understanding, and ability to perform the lifts. Lectures will address topics such as foundational principles, technical details, coaching queues and corrections, flexibility challenges, and more. After lecture and demonstration (and watching video too!), participants will have a chance to practice what they learn and receive hands on training from the coaches.

From the CrossFit Journal article "What is Fitness?" "The benefits of Olympic weightlifting don’t end with strength, speed, power, and flexibility. The clean and jerk and the snatch both develop coordination, agility, accuracy, and balance and to no small degree. Both of these lifts are as nuanced and challenging as any movement in all of sport. Moderate competency in the Olympic lifts confers added prowess to any sport."

Seminar Information: Date and Time:  Saturday, June 12th from 1-5pm Price: $150 Spots Available: 30 (we are capping at 30 to allow a maximum of 6 per coach when we break into groups)

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