2016 Deep Nutrition Challenge

Deep Nutrition Challenge

Start date: June 6th
End date: July 30th

Overview: Eight week challenge designed to help you achieve your goals. You will finish the challenge with the knowledge needed to continue achieving specific health and fitness goals through proper nutrition, supplementation, hormone balance, and more.

Prizes: One male and female winner will win a prize package including supplements, gift cards, and a free month of nutrition coaching.

The nitty gritty:
We will assign people to four different teams, each with a captain. The team captain will be your ongoing resource for answering questions and providing continued support & structure to keep you on track! 

Everyone in the challenge will be added to a private Facebook group. It will be named “2016 Deep Nutrition Challenge.” This will be our central location for providing information on important times and dates throughout the challenge. It will also be used to share information, recipes, words of wisdom, and more.

Determining a winner:
Each team captain will nominate one male and one female from their group to enter the "finals." From these eight finalists, the captains as a group will chose one male and female winner. Body composition changes, photos, measurements, and workout scores will all play a role in determining the winners.

June 4th Nutrition Seminar @ 10a-12p:

Beginning Metrics: Weight / Measurements / Photos
Nutrition Lecture
Review the Challenge Details
Group Warm Up
Testing: Challenge Workout

June 4th EOD:
Teams assigned, all participants will receive an email

June 6th
Official Start Date

July 30th: Challenge Ends @ 10am-12pm
Final Metrics: Weight / Measurements / Photos
Group Warm Up
Testing: Challenge Workout