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Reaching your potential involves more than a workout on a board. Experienced and engaging coaches, a supportive community, and sound programming are the foundation of our gym.


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What makes us different?

Most people join a gym to exercise and change their appearance. What our members soon realize is that our training program affects them on a much deeper and fulfilling level. 

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The 2020 Open is fast approach and the staff at Deep have an awesome five week prep cycle full of fun workouts, helpful progressions, and more to get you as ready as possible.

Each year we participate in the open as a community. We’ve found that like most things in life, having a goal with a specific deadline promotes improvement and increases the chance of success. Think of the open as a fun way to continually retest your fitness each year. Will it be hard? Yes. Will you realize you may not have put in the necessary work to excel in every workout? Yes. Will you have fun and feel supported by your coaches, friends, and gym family? Absolutely. Will we be there for you to help you learn from each workout and help you improve and exceed new goals? Also absolutely.

I’ve been participating in the open every single year and it is always a mixture of excitement and anxiety. The uncertainty of what the workout will be, the lead up to my heat, knowing others are watching me, the burn of pushing harder than I usually do during training, the frustration of not doing as well I thought I could do. All of these things are uncomfortable for me. Not just uncomfortable from a physical standpoint, but mental as well. But guess what? Avoiding the uncomfortable things in life never got anyone anywhere.

As a community, we are here to help each other through being uncomfortable, so we can enjoy the feelings that come from pushing through obstacles that challenge us.

The next five week cycle is meant to prepare you as best as we can for success in the open. We will be testing how you handle high skilled movements under fatigue, how long you can go unbroken when muscle burn really hits hard, how you handle heavier weights with a high heart rate and breathing pattern, and much more.

More news will be coming soon on what we have planned for the first open ever held in October!

See you in the gym,



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