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The Three Stages of Post Open Training

Congratulations on completing the 2018 CrossFit Open! We know it feels good. Even if you didn’t do as well as you wanted, you should feel pretty great about finishing a five-week long competition. It takes a lot of discipline to stick to a routine of pushing yourself to your limit every Friday, and sometimes again on Sunday or Monday. We know you are super eager to start getting after your training, so you can work on all of those annoying movements that may have held you back this year. Lucky for you, we’ve been around long enough to see every single open, so we know the stages people tend to go through.

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Programming - Next Level

We are making a big announcement with our programming, but we want you to read the origin of our decision first.

CrossFit Deep has always been known as having some of the "toughest" programming around. What qualifies a program as tough varies for each individual, but I venture it has something to do with one or more of the following:

  1. Daily Exercise Density (how much we do in one hour)
  2. Movement Selection (regularity of high skill movement)
  3. Energy System Selection (breadth of energy systems covered)

For the average or beginning CrossFit athlete, a lot of the above can be pretty daunting. Our members know we scale / alter workouts considerably from person to person. Even with this knowledge, showing up on a muscle up and three position snatch day can be tough. This is the first problem we want to solve.

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Deep Core Values

We want to thank you all for taking time over the past several weeks to respond to our various feedback inquiries. We appreciate the comments and suggestions and we want you to know that we care about your daily experience and overall happiness at Deep. We started this gym because we genuinely care about our member's health and athletic development. We are approaching seven years in business and we look forward to providing Dallas the highest level of CrossFit coaching, programming, and community for a very long time.

After spending time going through your feedback, we felt it would be a great idea to show you our business's core values. We want to be transparent with what matters to us so you can see why we put effort into certain areas and also so you can keep us in check if our actions stop aligning.

We also wanted to call out some changes we've been making and what's in the pipeline.

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CrossFit Deep Anniversary Party and Competition

If you are still hesitant about signing up, check out this post by Lindsay!

We can't wait to celebrate our 7th anniversary with you all! What better way to celebrate than with a fun partner competition. Team up with your buddy, two guys, two girls, girl & guy, it doesn't matter! 

There will be three fun workouts, prizes for the winners, and two divisions (advanced and amateur).

Everyone who signs up will get a limited edition seven year anniversary shirt or tank. We will have further details soon but mark your calendars now!

October 22 - 8AM Until 2PM

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Friday Night Lights - CrossFit Open 2016

Team Deep is ready, are you?

Get ready for five weeks of Friday Night Lights! The CrossFit Games Open starts in two short weeks and along with them comes an awesome Friday night experience for everyone to enjoy. Starting February 26th, CrossFit Deep will be hosting an evening of competition, fun, and after parties. 

Friday Night Lights Schedule : 4:00 - 7:00pm

Each week the Open workout will be announced Thursday night. At this time the Deep Coaches will determine heat sizes and duration based on the workout. By Friday morning, we will release online sign ups.

Friday night will be something you don't want to miss. This is what training is all about, finally testing what you are capable of in a competition setting. Everyone around will be motivating and supportive as we struggle together through some tough ass workouts. Afterwards we will celebrate together at various after party locations. Trust us, you won't want to miss out.

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Whole Life Challenge 2016

Nutrition Challenge Kick-off

January 16th @ 10am

Weigh-ins & Measurements will be taken!

We will discuss how the Whole Life Challenge works as well as giving tips to changing your diet to support your goals!

If you would like a more personalized diet, please email to get set up with Eric, Lindsay or Cameron for a consult.

Please sign up here and join team “CrossFit Deep” by Friday, January 15th. 

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End of Squat Cycle Recap

Eleven weeks ago we did something completely new and implemented a full squat cycle in our Training classes. There was a lot of volume, it took up a lot of class time, and it got repetitive...

But! Holy crap did it work. The amount of personal records set was amazing. For instance, the noon class on Monday had 25 people and 19 set records. The average increase? 25 pounds! We ran the numbers for all classes and saw an average increase of 23.5# for Back Squat and 15# for Front Squat. We even had some 45# and 50# PRs which was crazy. 

For those of you that didn't hit a new record, do not despair. There is so much that goes into a maximum effort lift. It is also important to factor in training age. How long have you been lifting and coming to CrossFit? For those of you that have been training hard and maxing for many years, sleep, training time, diet, and especially mental state can all play a roll in how your max attempts go.

Our programming focus is shifting for the next few months so expect to see some more variety during the week. We will also be shifting what types of workouts fall on any given day. The only day that will remain structured is our Flat Line Friday. Expect to see more benchmarks and testing on these days.

We look forward to seeing how you all perform in workouts with your new found leg strength!

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Post Open Programming

We are so proud of everyone for making it through the 2015 Open Season! For many of you it was your first experience with The Open and we hope you enjoyed it. We know how difficult and humbling the Open can be. Remember not to derive your self worth based on your performance in a workout. Instead, derive your self worth based on how you fight, and how willing you are to put yourself in through tough situations and learn from them. We promise you will look back next year and realize that you've come so far!

Now that the Open is over, we are switching gears with our programming. Here is what you can look forward to.

  1. New Squat Cycle  
    • It's time to get back to work on increasing our strength!
    • Mondays and Thursday (make-ups can be done on other days)
    • We highly encourage you to begin logging your squat days and other important benchmarks using our comments on the website!
    • We will be tagging each workout so going back and finding your workout results will be easy
  2. #MetabolicMondays
    • Get ready to start your week off right
  3. #WeightliftingWednesdays
    • Get comfortable moving weight around in a wide variety of workout scenarios
  4. #SummerbodySaturdays
    • Pool season is here, time to pre-game the weekend properly
    • Fun team workouts that everyone can enjoy
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