CrossFit Deep Athlete Feature: Dominique Fufidio

This week’s CrossFit Deep Athlete Feature is a rockstar in and out of the gym. 

Dominique Fufidio or Dr. Fufidio started CrossFitting in October 2012, but found her true calling when she took the Deep Barbell class in 2013. Ever since then Dominique has become one of our top Olympic Lifters. 

Prior to joining CrossFit and the Deep Barbell program, Dominique maintained her strong fitness foundation through gymnastics, cheerleading, and various exercise classes. 

“I was a competitive gymnast for 14 years, quit a couple times to fraternize with boys or join a sorority but always came back to it. Then I dabbled in cheerleading and became a fitness instructor while in dental school.”

In the past 4 years (come October) Dominique has experienced significant change  both physically and mentally from the dedication of her training. 

“I learned the importance of rest and recovery whether a single day or a week completely off. I learned how to prioritize general physical and mental health over all else as well as how to balance. I made great friendships. I got freaking strong. Lost weight.  Became a competitive weightlifter, which I never saw coming years ago.”

It may come as no surprise, but Dominique has two favorite lifts… snatch and clean & jerk. 

“I love to snatch, clean and jerk. I can't choose. I love the finesse required in the snatch but it's the most frustrating and requires the most attention from Eric (her coach). I like to clean and jerk, but they get heavy quickly!”

For someone who’s already accomplished a ton, like: making it to Nationals, placing 4th at a Nationals meet, becoming a Doctor, starting her own Dental practice, the list goes on and on… what else can she possibly achieve? Well… Dominique always wants to improve and get better. 

“Get better! I always discuss the next set of goals with Eric. There are usually specific numbers we are after but ultimately the goal is to keep qualifying for national meets and become even more competitive on a national level.”

Aside from her ‘moonlight’ career as a weightlifter, Dominque has a MORE than full-time job at her very own dental office, Katy Trail Dental. 

“I love it and see a lot of Deep members (current and former) as patients. COME SEE ME AT KATY TRAIL DENTAL ;). I love getting to know everyone outside our box.”

When Dominique gets a little free time (we don’t know when) she likes to enjoy the simple and delicious things in life. 

“I'll lounge by the pool any day, I also have very little restraint when I come near a frozen margarita, or a cookie. I would not pass up on an opportunity to spend time with Matt, my husband, also a Deep member (the CrossFit side).”

Next time you see Dominique in the gym be sure to congratulate her on ALL of her accomplishments and schedule your next dental appointment!