Deep Comp- 12/23/16

The following is the work for both Friday and Saturday. I'm posting both now to help accommodate your holiday plans. Jason will be leading the morning crew Friday at 6:30 AM, and the Saturday team workout at 8 AM. 

There will be some optional work programmed next week, and you'll be updated if any specific team workout times are scheduled. 



I. Strength  

A. Overhead Squat- Find 1RM

  1. Use racks from the overhead position if this is a preferred method. If you would rather rather get the barbell to the overhead position by performing a jerk, that is also acceptable. 


II. Conditioning  

4 Rounds

Amrap 4: 

400m Run

25 T2B

ME Triple Unders

Rest 1:30



12 Days of Christmas

"Deep Comp" Style

  1. Shoulder to Overhead 225/155
  2. Front Squats 225/155
  3. 300m Row
  4. Muscleups
  5. HSPU
  6. Alt. Hang KB Snatch 53/35
  7. Kb Thrusters 53/35
  8. C2B Pull-ups
  9. Bar Facing Burpees
  10. Cal Bike
  11. Pistols e/s
  12. Box jumps 30/24"
  1. No racks, first FS may be a squat clean. 
  2. Perform as follows:


2, 1

3, 2, 1

4, 3, 2, 1



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