Deep Comp-10/28/16

The morning boys enjoying their daily post workout nap. #Qfour

The morning boys enjoying their daily post workout nap. #Qfour

Team breakfast at 7 AM tomorrow at Dream Cafe to celebrate the end of a couple long testing weeks. The mile run will be postponed. You have the greenlight to drop into one of our community classes Saturday morning at a controlled intensity. Don't try to be a hero and windup getting hurt.  

Fittest Games Qualifier 6

18 Minute AMRAP:
40ft Front Rack Walking Lunges
48 Double Unders
8 Box Jumps

Men use 95 lb. bar and 30 inch box.

Women use 65 lb. bar and 24 inch box.

  1. As always, you are responsible for reading the workout description linked in the title, understanding the movement standards, and exercising with integrity. 
  2. This is an aerobic workout. Meaning you should be able to breathe well the entire workout until you kick it into gear for the last few minutes. 
  3. Right from the start, establish a slightly uncomfortable pace that still allows you to breathe freely. 
  4. Throughout the bulk of the workout, the name of the game will be proximity and transition time.  Over the course of an 18 minute workout, taking a few extra steps will add up and either hurt or help you, depending on how you position your stations. 
  5. No part of this work out will limit you from a strength or skill standpoint, so there's no excuse for taking any breaks or transitioning slowly. When you feel like taking a break or slowing down, imagine the dozens of people on the leaderboard that will be passing you as you do so, because that's exactly what happens. It's not fair for you to slow down when your teammates push through the pain for you.
  6. This workout is all mental, and the toughest athlete prevails. Everyone should get to the point in this workout where your body starts to overheat, the little voice inside your head tries to convince you that you're going too fast, or you feel overwhelmed. The sport of CrossFit inevitably comes down to those moments and how you respond to them. As you prepare for this workout, spend time alone visualizing, listening to your favorite music, and seeing yourself rising to the occasion when this workout reaches its turning point. This is what Champs are made of baby!
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