Deep Comp- 12/5/15

I. Warmup

400m run

2 Rounds  

10 Horizontal Ring Row

10 Strict Dips (2s pause at bottom) 

II. Strength  

A. Power snatch + overhead squat + power snatch + overhead squat

  1. 3 TnG sets at 70% of your full snatch 1rm.  

B. Power clean + front squat + jerk + power clean + front squat + jerk

  1. 3 TnG sets at 70% of your clean and jerk max. 

III. Conditioning

(Teams of 3) 


10 HSPU (partners hold HS)

10 C2B (partners hold l-hang) 

10 FR KB squats 53/35# (partners superman hold) 

  1. Rest 3 minutes and repeat 2 times so each partner works in each station. 

Trust - Teamwork - Sacrifice - Discipline  

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