Clock With No Hands

Bulgarian Split Squat

4 sets of 6 90 seconds rest between EVERY leg


Double Unders Burpees

Koy 4:10 / Josh 4:20

Coaches Notes

Important! We are not holding our Free Saturday Workout at 10am. Come show support for your fellow competitors at CrossFit Dallas Central as they compete in workout 2 of the Opens. Things will kick off around 8am!

Spencer and Bobby lift tomorrow at the 2012 USA Weightlifting Nationals and Mel lifts Saturday. Here are the start times as of now. We will post if there are any changes to the schedule due to delays in earlier weight classes.

Bobby Sirkis - 12:30 PM Spencer Arnold - 3:00 PM Friday Webcast

Mel Knourek - 3:45 PM Saturday Webcast