We are a team of experts when it comes to achieving results. Our community is centered around likeminded individuals who motivate and bring the best out of one another. We will help you identify your goals and teach you everything necessary to exceed them.


The Elements Course

The Elements Course is a semi-private series of classes designed to prepare you for CrossFit classes at Deep. You will spend nine sessions over three weeks immersing yourself in CrossFit movements and methodologies. After completing Elements you will feel confident and ready for our group classes. You will also have clear goals and a plan for crushing your fitness and health goals!

Each class includes instruction and application of new movements followed by a workout and discussion topic. Topics include Nutrition, Goal Setting, Training Intensity, Sleep & Stress, Recovery, and more!

Spots are limited to insure plenty of one-on-one instruction. Elements is mandatory for all new members to CrossFit Deep.

Each enrolled member receives one of our new Elements Course Packets! Each packet includes helpful information on CrossFit training, Goal Setting and Results Tracking, A Nutrition Kick Start, and much more.

Courses begin at the start of every month.


The On-Ramp

Interested in jumping into our CrossFit classes? The On-Ramp is the best way to fully prepare yourself for our advanced classes. A coach will spend four personal training sessions teaching you the finer points of the power and olympic lifts, gymnastics movements, kettlebell and dumbbell movements, and much more. Each class covers various lecture topics and includes a workout.

4 Classes @ Your Convenience

Any day of the week depending on coach availability

Movement Screen

Do the names Fran, Helen, and Grace ring a bell? Are you able to perform CrossFit’s 9 fundamental movements with proper form? By passing our Movement Screen you can start attending our Deep Training classes immediately. If you are unable to pass the Movement Screen, we will recommend either an additional session or have you go through an On-Ramp.

1 Class @ Your Convenience

Any day of the week depending on coach availability