CrossFit Deep Athlete Feature: Jerry Delgado

This weeks athlete feature has been CrossFitting for over six years and has some impressive stats to prove that consistent work pays off. If you haven’t had a chance to meet him, you’re missing out. Get to know CrossFit Deep athlete, Jerry Delgado!

Jerry started his CrossFit training at CF Deep back in June of 2016 and has been consistent with his training since. 

“I was introduced to CrossFit through my twin brother when I came back from playing football in North Dakota. I was always muscle concentrated and a global gym kind of guy and didn’t think CrossFit was for me, but since that first workout I got hooked!”

Prior to starting CrossFit Jerry was a collegiate athlete playing cornerback in North Dakota. Unfortunately, his football career was cut short due to a serious injury. After rehabbing Jerry stayed fit through strongman and explosive lifts. 

“I did the usual strongman lifts and explosive lifts such as squats, bench, curls, power clean. I was not really into Orly lifts until I joined CrossFit in 2010.” 

Since joining CF Deep Jerry has improved both his physical strength and endurance. 

“Physically, CrossFit has challenged me in areas where I’ve had struggles with before, such as, body weight and gymnastic movements. I never thought i could do butterfly or kipping pull-ups. I never thought I would be able to get my body over rings or a bar for a muscle-up.” 

Not only can Jerry do all the gymnastic movements with finesse he squats 430lbs. Yes, you read that right. 

“My squat has for sure gone up. It went from my max being 415 to hitting 420 for a triple. Prior to CrossFit I never snatched, but since working on technique it has gone up to 250lbs.”

Next up on Jerry’s CrossFit bucket list is stringing together 15 unbroken muscle-ups and competing in his 4th CrossFit Open.

“I’m looking forward to The Open, it helps me see where I am at with myself and others from the past year. I love the competitive mode knowing your scores will be posted for everyone to see, and it’s just fun!” 

We have no doubt Jerry will get those 15 muscle-ups and crush the 2017 Open. 

Outside of the gym and work Jerry enjoys playing pick up football with friends and baseball. Next time you see him in the gym be sure to congratulate him on all his accomplishments!