Deep Comp- 9/31/16


Saturday workouts are mandatory if you're in town, without exception. It is the most important workout of the week, and a crucial opportunity to hang out and throw down together. Your attendance is a direct reflection of your respect for your teammates.

And yes, we still expect you to post your results on Saturdays. Daps and pounds...Hugs and kisses.. Knuckles and butt slaps.. xoxo


I. Weightlifting

A. Every 90s for 15 Minutes (10 sets)-: 2 Below Knee Pause Snatch

  1. Build to a heavy double. Pause for a full second below the knee. Do not build after failed or technically unsound sets. Start building from 50%

B. Every 90s for 15 Minutes (10 sets): Clean and Jerk

  1. Starting at 55%, build as heavy as form allows.


II. Barbell Cycling

22 Clean and Jerks 135/95 

  1. We're saving this for Tuesday due to the grip intensive and heavily loaded nature of today's workout. You're welcome. 


III. Conditioning

"Hand Grenade"

See notes below

60 Deadlifts 205/145

60 Pullups

45 Hang Power Clean

45 Chest to Bar Pullups

30 Push Jerks

30 Bar Muscleups

  1. MF pairs.
  2. Starting at minute 3, stop to perform 12 Lateral Partner Burpees every third minute.
  3. Partners must slap hands every time the active athlete changes (not including burpees)
  4. Have a partner in mind and begin thinking through the logistics. This is a good chance for us to develop our ability to excel with suboptimal equipment proximity, and test different pairs of athletes.  
  5. This is my spin of Heavy DT and Frantasy Land. For scaling purposes, it may be easier to consider how you'd scale those workouts.





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