Deep Comp- 3/9/16

 Announcement: Team meeting this Saturday at 10:30am followed by team photo at 11. 

I. Warmup / Skill

20 minutes of prehab stretching or Romwod, then:

A1. 4x30s Prone Batwing Hold 

A2. 4x15 V-rolls


II. Barbell Cycling

Every 2 minutes for 10 minutes (5 sets):

Power Jerk

1. 10 x 95/65#

2. 5 x 155/110#

3. 4 x 185/130

4. 3 x 205/145#


  1. Try to do these without a re-dip. Meaning, the second the barbell touches the shoulders, bend the knees to absorb the weight, then continue upward into your next rep.
  2. Listen to your body here. You do not need to go this heavy if you are having an off day. 


III. Conditioning

Assault bike for 24 Minutes (12 sets):

90s at a recovery pace 

20s at 70-75% effort

10s at 80-85% effort