Spring Leaning/Paleo Challenge Winners

Thank you to all those who competed in our first of many Paleo challenges.  We all had a great time, and we hope that you enjoyed the time spent learning how a proper diet and a sound fitness plan can really change your life.  The results were amazing, and choosing the winners was challenging.  So many people made huge strides, and we can't wait to see even more results unfold.  We all know that these are not the ending pictures but just what you were able to do in two short months.  We all look forward to seeing the upcoming changes.  So without further ado, the winners are:

1. Tom

Weight Lost: 4lb Inches Lost: 2.25 Clean Increase: 30lb Time Off Mile Run: :21 Pullups Increase: 22 - He doubled up his original number of 22.  44 in a row is B.A. Burpees Increase: 21 - Almost doubled this number as well Diet: Had less than 5 cheat days.

2. Kristen

Weight Lost: 15.2lb - Lost the most weight of all the contestants. Inches Lost: 3 Clean Increase: 8lb Time Off Mile Run: :41 Pullups Increase: 10 w/gray band to 9 w/ blue. Burpees Increase: 3 Diet: Also had less than 5 cheat days. Scored the highest on the diet score.

We had a Tie for 3rd.

3. Nicole

Weight Lost: 14.2lb Inches Lost: 7.5 - Largest decrease of all the contestants. Clean Increase: 33lb Time Off Mile Run: 1:58 Pullups Increase: 11 w/gray band to 15 w/ green. Burpees Increase: 17 -  More than doubled the burpees and went from knee pushups to full pushups! Diet: Was very consistent on the diet and fish oil, attended the Women's class at least 3 times a week!

3.  Scott

Weight Lost: 13lb Inches Lost: 4.25 Clean Increase: 15lb Time Off Mile Run: 1:2 Pullups Increase: 14 - More than doubled his beginning attempt. Burpees Increase: 4 Diet: Ate great, had a few more cheat meals but always got back on track.

The prizes for the winners are as follows:

1st place - $200 + 3 free PT sessions w/the coach of your choice 2nd place - $100 + 2 free PT sessions w/the coach of your choice 3rd place - $50 + 1 free PT session w/the coach of your choice