Get Lean Summer '17

It's time for our latest and greatest nutrition challenge yet! Be sure to read the details below as we have made some changes. If you've never done a nutrition challenge at Deep before, be sure to check out previous challenge winners to get an idea of the results you can see if you truly dedicate yourself to following the challenge rules!

2017 Winners

2015 Winners

Challenge Kick Off - July 8th @ 10am

The kick off will include a short lecture covering the aspects of our challenge which will deliver you the best results. We will also perform weigh-ins & measurements, before photos, and a short benchmark workout.

Lecture Topics

  • What is real food and why we need to eat it
  • Eating for your body type and desired goals
    • Portion sizes & macros
  • Handout Overview
  • Nutrition Coaches
    • Bodyfat testing and consults
  • Facebook Group and Blog Posts
  • Determining the winner
    • Group voting