Programming - Next Level

We are making a big announcement with our programming, but we want you to read the origin of our decision first.

CrossFit Deep has always been known as having some of the "toughest" programming around. What qualifies a program as tough varies for each individual, but I venture it has something to do with one or more of the following:

  1. Daily Exercise Density (how much we do in one hour)
  2. Movement Selection (regularity of high skill movement)
  3. Energy System Selection (breadth of energy systems covered)

For the average or beginning CrossFit athlete, a lot of the above can be pretty daunting. Our members know we scale / alter workouts considerably from person to person. Even with this knowledge, showing up on a muscle up and three position snatch day can be tough. This is the first problem we want to solve.

The second problem involves constant growth for members regardless of their current athletic ability. How do we ensure that we optimize workouts for the athlete with a sub bodyweight deadlift as well as the athlete with a 2.5x bodyweight deadlift? We have a plan, and we are excited to announce our level system for classes.

Going forward L1/L2/L3 will accompany various strength, skill, and conditioning pieces. These delineations will allow our members to better progress in all areas of their fitness. Now our members will know before hand what their version of the workout will look like if they don't have muscle ups, or a strict pull up, or the ability to snatch a specific weight. You can also trust that if you consistently perform the L1 workouts, you will progress to L2 and so forth. You can review what constitutes each level here.

The majority of CrossFit gyms offer "one off" workouts that may be hard, but offer little in regards to a bigger picture. Deep has always put a lot of thought and planning into our programming and we are taking it to the next level. We hope this gets you excited to train harder and set performance goals for yourself. Let the coaches know what you want to accomplish so we can do as much as possible to hold you accountable and motivate you. 2017 is looking bright, let's all be more badass humans by this time next year!