CrossFit Deep Athlete Feature: The Beltons

This week’s CrossFit Deep athlete feature is proof that “power couples” do exist. This power couple is committed to their fitness and health and can be found in the 5:30 AM class. Get to know CrossFit Deep Athletes Amy and Graham Belton!

Amy was the first to start her CrossFit journey a little over six years ago. Graham got the “itch” to try out CrossFit thanks to Amy.

“January 2015 is when I began. When we moved to Texas, I took about nine months off and regretted it every day. I have to thank my wonderful wife for introducing me to CrossFit when I had no desire previously.”

Prior to starting CrossFit Amy dabbled in a little cardio or in her words, “cardio, cardio, and more cardio!” While Graham participated in intramural sports and hit his local 24 Hour Fitness.

Since finding CrossFit Deep this past November, the Belton’s have remained consistent in their training, which has resulted in both mental and physical results!

“(Amy) Mentally has been the biggest change so far! I was in a pretty deep rut in terms of my fitness before we found Deep. Working out sporadically and half-assed when I did. CF Deep expects you to show up, and everything is geared around that. Not from a judgmental or pushy standpoint, but from truly caring about getting you to where you want to be. The coaching is awesome and so are the other members. Always stressing accountability and keeping you positive. Physically, I still have a long way to go, but I know if I keep coming consistently I’ll be rewarded in that regard. I’m hoping to see some real progress after the Nutrition Challenge!”

“(Graham) Mentally, I’m happier and more energetic during the day. Physically, I am starting to feel like I am getting back into the shape I need to be. I can tell I am stronger and daily life is just easier with more muscle and less fat!”

Not only have they seen change personally they have seen that through CrossFit their relationship has strengthened as well. Win-win in our opinion!

(Amy) “We support one another. From getting ourselves out of bed in the morning, to pushing and encouraging each other during our workouts and after class. We both have goals that we’re supporting the other to achieve, and when one of us gets weak, we have the other one there to shove the other back on track. We’re a team!”

(Graham) “It’s amazing, we push one another and hold each other accountable! We choose to be partners in life so it’s obvious we should be partners in fitness and I believe it strengthens us in all aspects of life.”

Next up on the Belton’s CrossFit Bucket list are to finish under the time cap, up their back-squat max, string together the dreaded double-unders, and pull-ups. We know they will be crossing off their goals in no time.

“(Amy) Honestly, I’d really just love to finish within a time cap! Short term I would like to string together 3 or four double unders; long term I want pull-ups and getting back to box jumps.”

“(Graham) I would like to get my back squat to 350!”

Outside of the gym and work (Amy doing Ad Tech sales at Centro and Graham in Corporate Recruiting for Molina Healthcare of Texas) you can find them spending time with their dogs Ben and Rooney, traveling, enjoying “Sunday Fundays”, and watching Steelers and Penn State football!

Next time you see Amy and Graham be sure to congratulate them on all their CF accomplishments!