Holiday 17 - Tip 8 - Mindfulness Practices

TIP 8 - Mindfulness Practices - Austin

When was the last time that you just stopped to think/relax/just be?

The society we live in rewards those that are constantly stimulated, whether by social media, tv, music, etc. But our brains and human physiology are suffering because of it. Our brains (therefore the rest of our body as well) are under constant stimulation leaving our body’s in a constant state of stress.

Try out these 3 tips to enhance your cognitive function, relationships, and well being!

Take 10 minutes a day and just BE STILL! No phone, no tv, no music, no distractions, just you and your thoughts. There is a reason why people always have the best ideas in the shower or in their sleep!

No Social Media while eating with others. Don’t get me wrong i love Instagram and facebook too, but don’t let it be a hindrance to your real relationships. You’re probably saying “DUH” in your head, but next time you’re eating with a loved one just take notice to how often it happens.

Be Bored! Up until the last 30-40 years or so boredom was a normal thing, but ever since tv, computers, phones, video games have come out, boredom is no longer around. Turn off your music in your car and just drive in silence. If you’re waiting for your loved one at the mall just sit on a bench and wait. You’ll start to realize that boredom can actually be a productive thing! Think about what your thankful for, what you’re going to buy for Christmas, or anything!…/