Holiday 17 - Tip 7 - Winding Down At Night

Tip 7 - Winding Down At Night - Eric

In much the same way that a morning routine helps prepare you for the day, properly winding down at night helps you prepare for restful sleep.

We all know the importance sleep has on the body. Maximizing the quality of your sleep requires properly winding down at the end of the day. Here are some best practices when it comes to winding down.

Cease all electronics usage at least 90 minutes before bedtime - 
It is important to avoid anything that will stimulate cortisol in the system. Elevated cortisol at night will reduce your ability to get deep sleep.

Dim lights in the house - 
Environmental triggers help signal the brain the you are preparing for sleep.

Read an actual physical book - 
One of the best ways to wind down and avoid an over active worrisome brain is to focus on something else. If you tend to get stuck in a circular thought pattern, reading a book can help you break free from that cycle.

Perform muscle relaxation exercises - 
Deep breathing while alternating between tensing and then relaxing each muscle group throughout the body reduces anxiety.