Holiday 17 - Tip 6 - Cheat Meals

Tip 6 - cheat meals
I believe cheat meals create a good balance between staying on track 90% of the time and being a little more relaxed the other 10%. Psychologically, it can be extremely difficult to try and stay too strict for too long. In my experience, it causes you to fall off the wagon hard and takes longer to get back into. In order to stay motivated and on track, scheduling a cheat meal each week can be beneficial!

Some tips on scheduling a cheat meal:

1. It's a cheat MEAL not a cheat DAY: have a meal planned that you've been craving or love that doesn't fit into your current nutrition goals.

2. Eat your cheat meal after a workout so it has a better chance of not being stored as fat

3. Don't feel guilty about it, unless you go HAM...just kidding, but for real CHEAT MEAL not DAY

Shout if you have any questions - Lindsay