Holiday 17 - Tip 4 - Develop A Morning Routine

Tip 4 - Develop A Morning Routine - Eric

We have all heard by now that the early bird gets the worm, but more importantly than that is what we do with the first hour of our day. Productivity experts have long recommended a repeatable structure that anchors each day.

Developing a morning routine is one of the easiest ways to keep focus on daily tasks and work towards longer term goals. Everyone’s morning routine can look different, but the important elements deal with improving cognitive function, reinforcing positive habits, setting your mood, and reviewing daily tasks.

Here are examples you can try adding to your morning routine:

1. Drink a big glass of water immediately - rehydrate from sleep
2. Personal hygiene routine - brush your teeth, etc
3. Brew a nice cup of coffee - coffee makes every day better
4. Stretch tight muscles - stored tension affects you mentally
5. Listen to your favorite new album - music is a known mood enhancer
5. Shower while singing to said album - try it
6. Make your bed - gives you an immediate sense of accomplishing something
7. Visualize how you want your day to go - visualization is a powerful tool in life
8. Write down daily goals - provides focus
9. Meditate for five minutes - mood enhancer and good for relaxing before a stressful day
10. Do one task pro-actively - start your day on your terms vs getting into a reactive mode

These are all just examples and you can add or substitute many. Try things out and see how they work for you. Perhaps coming to Deep in the morning is part of your routine! Like with any new habit, you have to be consistent for several weeks to make something more permanent. Commit to following the same morning routine for three weeks and see how other parts of your day improve!