CrossFit Deep Anniversary Party and Competition

If you are still hesitant about signing up, check out this post by Lindsay!

We can't wait to celebrate our 7th anniversary with you all! What better way to celebrate than with a fun partner competition. Team up with your buddy, two guys, two girls, girl & guy, it doesn't matter! 

There will be three fun workouts, prizes for the winners, and two divisions (advanced and amateur).

Everyone who signs up will get a limited edition seven year anniversary shirt or tank. We will have further details soon but mark your calendars now!


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Deep Ellum Brewery
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Food By The Woolworth!


Do you and your teammate do most workouts as prescribed? Can at least one of you do advanced gymnastics movements such as handstand push-ups, chest to bar pull-ups, and pistols? Do you both have close to or above the following strength numbers:
350/225 Deadlift
300/200 Back Squat
185/125 Push Press
225/165 Clean
165/115 Snatch
If you answered yes, then this is the correct division to be in! If you are on the fence about which division, sign up for Advanced! We want you to challenge yourself.

Are you fairly new to CrossFit? Are you looking to have fun but still push yourself and test the abilities you've been developing? This division is perfect for anyone who wants to get a taste of competition without worrying about movements or weights that may still be a bit too challenging.
What to expect:
Basic gymnastics movements (scalable if needed to bands, boxes, etc.)
Lighter weight barbell movements
Very few olympic lifts
*If the weight is still a little too much, we can scale it down as needed! 

October 22 - 8AM Until 2PM