Deep Core Values

We want to thank you all for taking time over the past several weeks to respond to our various feedback inquiries. We appreciate the comments and suggestions and we want you to know that we care about your daily experience and overall happiness at Deep. We started this gym because we genuinely care about our member's health and athletic development. We are approaching seven years in business and we look forward to providing Dallas the highest level of CrossFit coaching, programming, and community for a very long time.

After spending time going through your feedback, we felt it would be a great idea to show you our business's core values. We want to be transparent with what matters to us so you can see why we put effort into certain areas and also so you can keep us in check if our actions stop aligning.

We also wanted to call out some changes we've been making and what's in the pipeline.

CrossFit Deep's Core Values
Humility, Integrity, Excellence, Community

Program Changes

You may have noticed we started a six week cycle after gathering the goals you want to accomplish. We are focused on doing a better job of explaining the why of our program and how it translates to improvements on various lifts and your work capacity. We believe tracking your results during these cycles will greatly help you work towards the goals you've set. To help with this we will begin using Train Heroic, you can check the website here or download from the app store here. We recommend you download the app on your phone and start tracking your daily workout results. 

The coaches will be able to see how everyone in the gym is performing and make adjustments to current cycles and determine focus areas for upcoming cycles. Tracking your results is honestly one of the easiest ways to see continued progress and athletic development.


We implemented a stricter policy internally for our coaches about phone use. Please let us know if you still see coaches on their phones. We have instructed our coaches to use the iPads to adjust music and to update roll. We know perception is reality, and even though we trust our coaches aren't posting Facebook updates and catching up on Instagram, we want to make sure you know your coach is focused purely on you and the rest of the class.


We have a list of equipment updates and will be making purchases to replace some of our oldest barbells as well as getting more women's bars! Please let us know what else you wish we had more of so we can continue to make equipment improvements.