CrossFit Deep Athlete Feature: Matt Luce

This week’s CrossFit Deep athlete feature has only been CrossFitting for six months, but has seen crazy results as an athlete… not to mention also being the winner of our Nutrition Challenge!

Matt first picked up CrossFit this past February after deciding to give Elements a shot. Upon finishing Elements, Matt has been consistent in showing up and putting in the work 3 days a week.

Before joining CrossFit Deep, Matt stuck with some light cardio and weights to maintain his fitness.

“I would mainly do some cardio and weight training with dumbbells and machines. I didn’t see much in regards to results and I often struggled to motivate myself to workout.”

These past six months Matt has seen significant improvements in his overall fitness.

“In these past six months I’ve noticed a complete transformation due to my workouts. I was bored at my previous gym and decided to take the plunge and mix it up with CrossFit. I look forward to coming to classes 3-4 times a week and I enjoy being challenged in the workouts. I’ve also learned mental toughness, to push myself through workouts where I would have given up in the past.”

“Physically I’ve lost over 20lbs and only a few more lbs to go to get to my goal weight. Post college graduation I was in the worst shape of my life (182lbs). I’ve also noticed big results in the movement and weight that I can put on the barbells. Prior to CrossFit I had never done workouts with barbells and struggled with overhead movements due to limited mobility in my shoulders. In the past 6 months, I've seen my shoulder strength and mobility vastly improve to where I can do the overhead movements with more than just the bar. I know the hard work I'm putting in now will pay off down the road to which I am starting to see it through adding muscle, toning down and having better stamina through the workouts.”

During our 8 week nutrition challenge Matt followed his nutrition plan to a “T” and came out on top as the winner and not to mention has learned a ton in the process.

“I learned that I could create a nutrition and meal plan that worked for me and be able to stick with it, and not half-ass it or give up on it a few weeks later. I had been seeing results from CrossFit prior to June and starting the nutrition challenge but knew that my nutrition was one aspect I needed to change to maximize the work that I was putting in.”

Next up on Matt’s CrossFit bucket list is to get his double under.

“I want to be able to master the pesky double unders or the jump rope for that matter”

When Matt’s not in the gym or at work as a Loan Reference Analyst he can be seen attending sporting events (huge Dallas Stars and FC Dallas fan), hiking, going to concerts, and movies.