CrossFit Deep Athlete Feature: Alex Nguyen

CrossFit Deep Athlete, Alex Nguyen, has been CrossFitting for the past four years and his consistency and dedication to his training has contributed to his healthy lifestyle. 

Prior to starting CrossFit at CrossFit Deep in 2011, Alex was an avid endurance athlete. He competed in Sprint, Olympic, and Half-Iron triathlons. Alex even ran a handful of half and full marathons. 

Alex decided to give CrossFit a try to bring a better balance into his training and performance. 

“CrossFit has brought better balance to my performance. When training for endurance sports my upper body strength was neglected. CrossFit was a good transition from endurance sports because it draws on the same mental toughness to get through a workout as it did to finish a race.” (if you don’t believe this try Fran, we bet you change your mind.)

Not only has the combination strength and conditioning improved his physical performance, Alex has gained much more. 

“It also provides a similar fitness community that motivates you to move forward. Several of my best friendships in Dallas have been formed at Deep.”

When asked what’s left to accomplish on his CrossFit goal list Alex is only looking to hit one specific number. 

“I honestly don’t make goals like this for myself. My goal is show up at Deep every day that I am in town, perform as many workouts with prescribed weight, and finish feeling good and healthy. Okay, and maybe clean 225lbs…”

Outside of the gym Alex works in Medical Education for a medical device company in Dallas, as a Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator. When he’s not at work or working out he enjoys discovering new spots to eat and drink in Dallas, hosting dinner parties, and napping with his French Bulldog, Bruno. 

Next time you see Alex in the gym make sure to congratulate him on all his CrossFit success and ask when he’s having you over for dinner!