Open Prep

Lindsay helps with some great advice on how to prepare and tackle the open.


  • Now is not the time to start drastically changing your diet. Well…if you are eating Whataburger each day and pounding mimosas every Sunday, then maybe you should think about altering a few things for the next 5 weeks J
  • Eat like you have been eating and try not to add anything out of the ordinary to your diet.
  • Don’t try using a pre-workout if you have never tried it or adding a new supplement to your routine without testing it out a few days first.
  • Keep your pre-workouts and supplements the same if they are already in your routine
  • Nutrition is key to helping you perform your best. How great do you feel after an epic cheat meal? Would you like to do a 10min amrap of fran after eating that meal? Probably not! Make sure you are eating a proper meal of proteins, good carbs and fats the day of.


  • Everyone is different on how we can time our meals before an opens workout. I personally like to go into my workout partially fasted, and do not consume a lot of water within an hour before I perform the workout. For me, I am just uncomfortable performing 7 minutes of burpees with a full stomach, or catching heavy cleans when I have to pee.
  • If you like to have a small snack prior to your workouts, stick with that and perhaps test it out in the next couple of days before your workouts and see how your performance feels. Did you burn out 3 minutes into the workout, or did you feel like you were fueled properly and energy levels maintained the duration of the workout?
  • Eat breakfast and lunch as normal on the days you perform the workout (depending on time of day you are completing it, of course)
  • Again, do not try and change everything on game day! Play around with in in the next week, but do not change up your routine on the day of.


  •  Drink WATER!
  • Wake up and drink a glass of water and ensure you are sipping water throughout the day.
  • Coffee does not count in your water consumption!
  • .5oz per pound of body weight (example: 175# person should drink at least 87.5oz of water each day) – if you are working out, you should drink even more.


  • Recovery is important after each workout, whether it’s the opens or everyday training. Once you feel recovered from the workout, or when you come out of the “I think I just died” daze, make sure and eat a meal of real food. Chicken, beef, fish, or some other non-processed protein choices are best coupled with some carbs like sweet potatoes and veggies. During the opens we have chosen spots that will have good menu options that will help you recover properly! Also, limit the alcohol intake post-workout or don’t drink at all. (Sorry, I had to say it!)
  • Sleep! Make sure you are getting at least 7-9 hours per sleep each night. I know we all have different lives and some of us simply cannot get a lot of sleep due to jobs, kids, etc., but try your best!


The most important thing is to have fun. We do what we do because we enjoy it, so make sure and take in the experiences and see what you’re capable of!