Deep Training Cycle Three


Our second cycle is in the books and yet again everyone smashed their retests! It was pretty amazing getting back in town and having everyone tell me about their PRs. If you forgot to log your results from the retests, go back and do it! Also, please do me a huge favor and head over to this google sheet and fill in your PRs so I can do some math geek stuff. 

Like last time, we will have a transition week focused on some fun and sexy CrossFit workouts. The week will have a bit less volume and the intensity for strength work will be lower as well. The goal is active recovery and a break from focused all-out effort training. 


Because of the Holidays, Cycle Three will be broken into two parts. Each part will last four weeks. Part 1 will run from November 28th until December 23rd and Part 2 will run from January 2nd to the 27th. This will give everyone the week of Christmas through New Years to relax before picking up the last part of the cycle.

It may be hard to believe, but the 2017 CrossFit Open is around the corner. Cycle Three will be heavily focused on getting you best prepared for The Open. You may have noticed that this past cycle had a very big strength focus. The goal was to get you feeling as strong as possible before we transition to open training.

Please leave a comment with anything you would like to see us focus on in this next cycle. A movement, skill, or even a specific workout.

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