CrossFit Deep Athlete Feature: Meredith Barthelemy

This week’s CrossFit Deep athlete feature has been CrossFitting a little over three years, and it shows. Get to know CrossFit Deep athlete, Meredith Barthelemy!

Meredith started CrossFitting at CrossFit Deep this past February 2016. In these past nine months, Meredith has been consistent week in and week out contributing to increased strength and endurance.

Prior to starting CrossFit, Meredith was a Muay Thai fighter for several years. Yep, you read that right – a Muay Thai Fighter!

“No one ever believes me when I say this, but I was a Muay Thai fighter several years before I found CrossFit! I started doing cardio kickboxing after graduate school as a fun way to keep in shape with my friends. I would always see the fighters coming in to train as I was leaving and noticed there weren’t any female fighters. I took that as a challenge!”

“I joined the ‘fight team’ and after two years of training, I started fighting in a sanctioned Muay Thai bouts. It was a really fun and challenging sport and to this day, nothing quite compares to the feeling of walking out in front of a big crowd to your favorite song, your coach giving you a pep talk, and hearing the crowd cheer for you!”

Not only should you NOT challenge Meredith to a bout you should probably not bet on beating her on a WOD. In these past few years Meredith has seen significant improvements both physically and mentally.

“Physically, I’ve lost nearly 15 lbs since starting at Deep and my strength and endurance have improved dramatically! I’ve noticed significant improvement in my barbell cycling, running, and gymnastics. When I came to Deep, I was pretty one-dimensional in that I like to move heavy weight… very slowly. BUT the coaches and programming at Deep over the past 9 months have made me a much more versatile athlete.”

Being a part of the Deep community has helped Meredith adjust to a new city and understand how to be comfortable in the uncomfortable.

“Mentally, being a member of Deep has helped me adjust to living in a brand-new city. I moved from Phoenix to Dallas in February and everything was new and scary! So it was great to have something with which I was familiar and a welcoming community to go to after work each day. Initially, Deep gave me something to look forward to at the end of each day. But now, Deep has given me both the strength to be comfortable with being uncomfortable and also to be comfortable and confident running my own race. My job involves a lot of uncertainty and difficult decision-making each day, so these skills I have learned in the gym have carried over to my work life.”

Next up on Meredith’s CrossFit bucket list is to improve her gymnastics.

“I have seen so much gymnastic progress since I started at Deep so I’d like to continue that by learning to butterfly my pull-ups and get a muscle-up! For lifting, I don’t focus as much as one rep max lifts as I used to; these days, I strive to PR my moderate/heavy barbell cycling rather than my max lifts.”

Outside of work as the Director of Operations for the SPCA of Texas, where she oversees the clinics, pet programs, and main shelter operations, you can find Meredith hanging out with her dog and boyfriend, watching horror films, or reading a mystery book.

“Unsurprisingly based on my job, my two dogs are a huge part of my life! My boyfriend and I like to take them on weekend walks and picnics in new places. I also love doing sprint/track workouts on the weekends. I’m a horror movie fanatic (I’m positive I’ve seen just about every scary movie ever made) and am always reading a suspense novel. Like most CrossFitters, I also love food and trying new restaurants! If it weren’t for those pesky macros I follow, I could easily survive on pizza, sushi and cupcakes every day.”

Next time you see Meredith in the gym tell her ‘congrats’ on being this week’s athlete feature – just don’t ask to see some of her Muay Thai moves.