Why You Should Compete In Our Seven Year Competition!

We know competition can be scary sometimes, here are a number of common fears and why you should participate in our 7 Year Anniversary Competition!

“I think I will embarrass myself” Our community is awesume and supportive and you already workout in front of people every day in the classes. CrossFitters love cheering for everyone. If you’ve never been to a local CrossFit competition before, let us be the first to tell you, it doesn’t matter if you’re first or last, everyone is there to support and cheer you on. If you don’t like people cheering for you, let us know and we promise to be quiet and stare awkwardly.

“I don’t have a partner.” Ask any coach and we promise we will find you a partner at any skill level and who knows, you might just become new best friends.

“I’m not good enough to compete.” If everyone was great at CrossFit I guess we could all quit our jobs and train for the Games instead… This isn’t about how good anyone is at CrossFit, this is about having fun with friends, pushing yourself a little bit outside your comfort zone, and finding out just what you are capable of in a different setting. Oh, and also there’s beer and prizes and sponsors, and other fun stuff!

“I am brand new and honestly just nervous.” This competition has three workouts which will be exactly like something that we program for a regular class but it will be done with a partner. Double the fun. Half the work! Great! Everyone starts somewhere and what better place to have your first competition than in your home gym with your friends and coaches?! Nerves are normal and everyone still gets them before a tough workout.

I hope you at least had a laugh at some of these, but seriously I hope you consider finding a partner and helping us celebrate SEVEN years of providing Dallas with awesome CrossFitness. I’ve been with CrossFit Deep since April 2010, almost the entire time we have been open. I’ve met some of my best friends here and have tons of great memories with a lot of you. To those who have been here a while, please grab a friend and get signed up. To the new members, don’t miss this opportunity to go outside of your comfort zone and try something new. I promise you will surprise yourself and walk away from this with a new found confidence as well as experiencing what our CrossFit community is all about.  

To entice you even more, we have some great prizes for the winners of each division! Some of our sponsors include: My Power Supply, Hylete, Deep Ellum Brewery, Myles Apparel, Virtuosity Shop and more! Food for everyone will also be catered by The Woolworth!

If competing just isn’t for you but you still want to be involved, please consider volunteering. We are in need of judges, equipment crew and score keepers. Use the sign up link and choose “volunteer.”

If you have any questions about competing, volunteering, needing a partner, etc. Please reach out to me lindsay@crossfitdeep.com

Hope to see you at the competition!


Eric RosenstockComment