2015 Nutrition Challenge Winners!

Wow is an understatement. The results from this year's Nutrition Challenge were astounding.

We could have picked from dozens of incredible achievements. We saw 40 pound deadlift PRs, crazy improvements on a very difficult metabolic test, and a whole lot of inches lost. Oh yea, did we mention this was all done in 6 weeks!?

Congratulations to Tarah and Jeff! These two athletes were extremely dedicated and the results show.


I am so thankful for Mandy’s lectures and shared knowledge in this nutrition challenge.  Her lectures not only showed me how to properly fuel my body before and after workouts, but also helped me learn more about macro-nutrients and how they affect the body.  I have used this knowledge to try to properly balance meals not only for myself, but for my family.  Starting the nutrition challenge, I knew the hardest part for me would be the meal planning.  While others said it was easiest to spend one whole day preparing meals for the week, this seemed impractical to me since I had to somehow tie my challenge in with preparing meals for my family – with a very picky two year old.  After a lot of practice and frustration in weeks 1-2, I was able to use MyFitnessPal and plan my whole day so that I would meet my macro-nutrient goals set by Mandy and still plan a healthy dinner that the whole family would enjoy.  Not only did I see a physical change in the way my body looked, but I had better performance in the gym, more energy during workouts and throughout the whole day, and slept so good at night!  I really enjoyed the Facebook Group setup for the challenge.  With almost daily posts from other members, it helped to make me feel held accountable for what I ate, and helped to stop me from “cheating”.  Even with the challenge over, I am still trying to meet the same daily macro-nutrient goals since I had such a great experience.  I am ready for the next challenge! 

Weight - 131.8 to 123.9 (-7.9lbs)
Bicep - 11.75" to 11" (-.75")
Waist - 29" to 26.75" (-2.25")
Thigh - 19" to 17.75" (-1.25")

Performance Improvements

Deadlift - 190 to 210
Metabolic Test - 11:43 to 9:58


Here is my short story on why Deep rocks so hard:

Although I had been doing CrossFit for two years and made significant progress toward my fitness goals, at the end of 2014 I hit a plateau. I finally accepted the fact that my nutrition, or lack thereof (sorry McDonald’s and Sprinkles), was holding me back from improving any further within CrossFit and achieving the physique I desired. Shortly after the New Year I seized the opportunity to completely change my nutrition and lifestyle with the help of Mandy through the challenge. Mandy was instrumental in setting me up for success by providing the information I needed, coupled with support from the Deep community. Fast forward roughly six weeks and I can say the results have been EXPONENTIAL. About two weeks in to the challenge my body started really responding to the change in nutrition, and that is when the fun began. The PR’s started to roll in, and for a few weeks I was literally hitting a new PR on something every other day. Having never done anything like the challenge before, I was shocked with how quickly I saw results. The challenge may be over now but it changed my life and set me up for continued success. My only gripe with the challenge is that none of my clothes fit anymore, but I guess that is a good problem to have.

Weight - 204.1 to 188.7 (-15.3lbs)
Bicep - 13.5" to 12" (-1.5")
Waist - 36" to 34" (-4")
Thigh - 22.5" to 21.75" (-.75")

Performance Improvements

Deadlift - 410 to 455
Metabolic Test - 10:19 to 8:39