Post Open Programming

We are so proud of everyone for making it through the 2015 Open Season! For many of you it was your first experience with The Open and we hope you enjoyed it. We know how difficult and humbling the Open can be. Remember not to derive your self worth based on your performance in a workout. Instead, derive your self worth based on how you fight, and how willing you are to put yourself in through tough situations and learn from them. We promise you will look back next year and realize that you've come so far!

Now that the Open is over, we are switching gears with our programming. Here is what you can look forward to.

  1. New Squat Cycle  
    • It's time to get back to work on increasing our strength!
    • Mondays and Thursday (make-ups can be done on other days)
    • We highly encourage you to begin logging your squat days and other important benchmarks using our comments on the website!
    • We will be tagging each workout so going back and finding your workout results will be easy
  2. #MetabolicMondays
    • Get ready to start your week off right
  3. #WeightliftingWednesdays
    • Get comfortable moving weight around in a wide variety of workout scenarios
  4. #SummerbodySaturdays
    • Pool season is here, time to pre-game the weekend properly
    • Fun team workouts that everyone can enjoy