CrossFit Deep Athlete Feature: Jori Robinson

CrossFit Deep athlete, Jori Robinson, has been CrossFitting for a little over a year and her hard work is paying off! 

Prior to joining CrossFit Deep eight months ago Jori has been “fitness hopping” for quite sometime. 

“Before I found CrossFit I was very lost inmy fitness journey. I started seriously getting into fitness by running and doing group fitness classes about 5 or 6 years ago.”

After completing her first half marathon Jori decided it was time to switch it up and get a personal trainer to take her fitness to the next level. 

“My friend convinced me to get a fitness coach to help me with working out. That worked for awhile, but because it was an online coach there was no accountability when I didn't go to the gym for a week at a time.”

After hopping around from online coaching to a gym and then to Camp Gladiator Jori decided to give CrossFit a try and she has been hooked since! 

“I ended up falling in love with CrossFit from day 1 because the workouts are never the same from one WOD to the next, there is an awesome group atmosphere and I am always able to set another goal when I reach one I've already set - the challenge is endless and I love it, being a Type A kind of girl.”

This past year Jori has experienced both mental and physical changes from CrossFit. 

“Since the day I started coming to Deep the coaches and other members have made me so much more confident in my lifts and my form and have corrected me and encouraged me and it has made me able to lift even more than I ever thought I could. Just having that mental confidence and knowledge has given me the ability to hit many PRs.” 

Jori completed her first CrossFit competition this past fall and totally crushed it! 

“My biggest accomplishment at Deep so far though was competing in the Women's Only competition. I was so nervous about it, but even though I was really fatigued, I finished and me and my team mate didn't finish in last place!”

“With those accomplishments and many others along the way, I no longer cringe when I look in the mirror because now I see a strong, bad-ass CrossFitter who can deadlift 205lbs (which is more than some dudes I know can lift!)” WATCH OUT DUDES! 

Next up on Jori’s CrossFit Bucket list is to get her first handstand push-up, string together multiple pull-ups, and PRing on her deadlift… again! 

If you’re looking for Jori you can find her working out in the 5:30 AM class or riding a horse somewhere!