2015 Dallas Women's Classic Workouts

We are excited to announce the 2015 Dallas Women's Classic workouts! If you are looking for an extra teammate, email Lindsay Marshall lindsay@crossfitdeep.com.

Not signed up? What are you waiting for? 

A Note for the OPEN Division: When you see the weight the second weight is the weight your team will use. If your team chooses to scale further, additional points will be added to your total score. (If you cannot do a particular movement, please email Lindsay Marshall lindsay@crossfitdeep.com)

Event One (10 Minute Time Cap) AMRAP:

20 wall balls (14# / 9' target)
20 T2B (Open division Knees to Elbow)
20 HSPU (Open division HR push-ups)
20 Hanf Snatch (75/55)

*Each team can break up the reps how they want (ex: athlete 1 does 15 wall balls athlete 2 does 5 wall balls, then moves to the next movement). You must complete all reps before moving on to the next. Only one athlete working at a time. 


Event Two (8 Minute Cap):
1 Clean + 2 Shoulder to Overhead

*each team has 8 minutes to find their 1 Clean + 2 Shoulder to Overhead max. 

Event Three (FOR TIME):

200 DU’s

100 cal row

80 Box Jump Overs

60 Pull-ups

40 OHS (95/65)

*Each team will work together to complete all movements. You must complete the movement before starting the next. Only one athlete working at a time. 

Top 5 Teams Finale Event: TBD