CrossFit Deep Athlete Feature: Chriss Schwiderski

CrossFit Deep Athlete Chriss Schwiderski is a BAD A, both in the gym and out! 

Chriss has been an avid CrossFitter at CrossFit Deep for the past three years. Prior to joining CrossFit Deep Chriss maintained his fitness by running and P90X, which quickly ended...

"It was weird interacting with an overly exuberant guy on TV." 

We're glad he stepped away from the TV workouts and came to the gym. It has paid off in more ways than one, especially in the last year. 

Chriss was diagnosed with cancer this past year, but rather than sitting back and being idle, Chriss took cancer HEAD ON! 

"Being able to fight through exercise, even if severely weakened, was my most tangible way to tell cancer to "fuck off". The emotional and mental benefits helped keep me mostly sane, and the physical benefits surely helped me endure the poison."

"I can't find any research that our type of exercise directly helps, and why, but consider me sold. Glad I ignored a couple doctors and listened to Dr. Rosenstock instead!"

We're HAPPY to report Chriss recently completed his 23rd of hopefully 26th round of chemo treatment. While there's still some unknowns on his road to recovery, one thing is true. Chriss is a BAD ASS and will be back setting PR's beating everyone in the gym. (watch out Jason Hoggan)

"I'd love to finally get 200 double unders, 400lb back squat and get back to the days when I can do a full WOD without scaling, then back to the Rx every day." (he'll be there in NO time)

If you're looking for Chriss you can find him working out with the 6:30 AM crew, or hanging out with his lovely wife, Jennifer! 



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