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Deep Comp - 07/25/15

I. Warm-Up

Group Mashing
Powel Raise

II. Strength

A1. DB Bench Press - 80% x 6 x 4 

A2. Supine Iron Crosses - 4 x 15 

A3. Cossack Squat - 4 x 5

III. Conditioning

Team Workout
4 Rounds
800m Burden Run
Recovery Row

Each group gets 1 WB 
Groups switch between run and row

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Deep Comp - 07/24/15

 I. Warm-Up

20 Cal Assault Bike Easy Pace

30 Sec Samson Band Stretch

30 Sec Samson Band Stretch with I/R Bias

10 Medball Glute Bridge Walkouts

II. Strength

Speed Deadlift - 60% x 3 x 5 - #10X0

Focus on speed up

(Rest 2 Minutes)

Hip Clean - 70% x 3 x 4 - Focus on being aggressive with the elbows

(Rest 60-90 Seconds)

III. Skillrobic

8 rounds  

20' Unbroken HS walk / 3 Wall Walks

10 T2B 

Rest 60s

IV. Conditioning



2 Muscle-ups

4 Handstand Push-ups

8 Kettlebell Swings 70/53#

  1. Like Diane, Nate is a benchmark that can be performed a variety of ways. We recommend scaling down in the following order:

-strict / kipping hspu

-up to one abmat 

-hspu negatives 

-piked box hspu 

-seated DB press 

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Deep Comp - 07/23/15

Rest Day Protocol

Don't forget!! We offer yoga every Thursday morning at 7am. If you aren't taking advantage of this then you are really missing out on an awesome class and a great way to feel a ton better. Not only will this help you recover, but it will help improve your performance going forward by improving range of motion and developing better balance and stability.

Active Recovery

Spend 20-40 minutes doing one of the following at very low intensity:

  1. YOGA!!
  2. Row (18-20 stroke rate, work on stroke efficiency and mechanics)
  3. Assault Bike (very low rpm, sit and chat with people in classes)
  4. Cycling (if you have a bike, go ride it around)
  5. Swim (soak up some vitamin D at a pool and relax)

Mobility / Corrective Movements

Spend 15-30 minutes going through various mobility drills that address your main problem areas. Talk to a coach for ideas and recommendations. If you have imbalances, spend some time going through light movements that are corrective in nature. 


  1. Single Leg RDLs / Hip Extensions
  2. Scapula Training with Crossover Symmetry Drills
  3. Anti-Rotational Core Work
  4. Bell-Up KB Presses
  5. Rolling Drills

Passive Recovery

These are recovery methods that don't require you to do any activity. This could be getting a massage, doing Cryo, soaking in epsom salt, taking a contrast shower, etc.


Your body needs the right building blocks to recovery damaged tissue, replenish depleted glycogen stores, and reduce CNS fatigue. Off days are perfect for meal prep and planning out your fueling for your next workouts.

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Deep Comp - 07/22/15

I. Warm-Up

400m Run

10 V-Roll to Pistol Balance e/s

10 Single Leg Box Jumps e/s

60 Second Barbell Bicep Mash

60 Second Partner Lat / Teres Band Stretch

  1. Lay on your back and kick your feet up and over your head as if doing a V-Roll. As you kick back forward tuck one heel in close to the butt and try and roll up and onto the foot so that you finish in the very bottom of a pistol. Hold for 3 seconds and work on ankle stability and balance. 
  2. Focus on fast knees to help with box jump height.

II. Strength

Front Squat - 76% x 2 x 6 - (Rest 60-90 Sec)

Power Jerk - 70% x 3 x 4 - TnG from the shoulder 

  1. Pause in the receiving position for 2 seconds on each rep

III. (Barbell) Conditioning

4 Rounds

20/16 Calorie Row

5 Hang Squat Cleans 165/110#

5 Thrusters 165/110#

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Deep Comp - 07/21/15

I. Warm-Up

With a barbell
10 Goodmornings
10 Behind Neck Snatch Grip Press or Push Press
10 OHS
5 High Pulls From Hip
5 Muscle Snatches From Hip
5 Power Snatches From Hang

II. Strength

E2MOM 12
Snatch High Pull + Power Snatch - Start at 55%, build by 3-5% each set

E2MOM 12
Clean High Pull + Power Clean - Start at 55%, build by 3-5% each set

  1. The high pull is simply a continuation through the use of the arms of a standard pull. This means engaging the arms as the bar finishes its ascent from the force exerted by the legs and hips. Try to stay on the toes and stretched tall as you pull the bar higher with the arms. It is important that the elbows remain "high and outside" as many coaches say.

III. Midline

Weighted Hip Extension - 3 x 12 - #21X2 Tempo
Partner Prone Hamstring Curls - 3 x 8 - #4141 Tempo

IV. Conditioning

4 Box Jump Overs 24/20"
8 C2B
24 Double Unders

  1. This is a test. Go for as many reps as possible
  2. This is incorporating the volume we've been developing through skillrobic over the past 4 weeks!
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Deep Comp - 07/20/15

Class Announcement:

Hey everybody, we are finally transitioning to making the competition program an actual class! We will now have set class times in the morning, early afternoon, and late afternoon. The majority of these classes will now be coach led. This is going to help you get feedback and coaching as well as some structure to keep things on time. With that being said, here is what we need from you. 

1. Be ready to begin warm up when the class time starts. We are going to have to be strict with this or the whole point of this transition will be for naught. We know many have become accustomed to coming in whenever, please try and pick a class time that you can make regularly. If you are unable to make any of our classes please email Chip.

2. Competition programming will be done almost exclusively in the barbell room. We are ordering two window AC units to help with the heat in the evening. The coach who is leading the class will determine where various aspects of the programming are completed. The purpose of this is to make sure we aren't overly disruptive to the training classes.

Class Schedule
MTWF - 6a, 7a / 1p / 4p, 5p
S - 11a

Please note that these times may change. We are also aware that there currently isn't a later evening option. As stated above, if it really is impossible to make one of the other times, please let us know so we can explore other scheduling options. These classes all start on the hour, but will run longer obviously. These are simply the start times. If you come in at 6:30a, be ready to go at 7a, etc.

I. Warm-Up

40 OH Walking Lunges 45# barbell
Couch Stretch 60s e/s
60s Quad Mash e/s
60s Calf Mash e/s

II. Strength

Back Squat - 78% x 3 x5

  1. Get the work done. Ideally, this will be completed without accessories, but add an accessory if you absolutely need to.

III. Skillrobic

5 Rounds
400m Run @90% effort
10 Weighted Pistols
1:1 Work:Rest Ratio

  1. Scale weight for pistols to allow for 5 unbroken reps per side at a consistent pace
  2. Hold weight close to chest in a goblet position

IV. Conditioning

20 Minute Aassault Bike @ Recovery Pace
E4MOM (5 sets) stop to perform:
5 Max Effort, Max Height Burpees

  1. Keep the bike at an easy aerobic / recovery pace. Peform the burpees at 100% intensity. This includes speed off the floor, speed to the floor, and height of jump.
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