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Deep Comp - 06/29/2016

Week 1, Day 3

We will be placing you into a red and green group for certain strength movements. This is going to be based on your NME (neuromuscular efficiency). We determined this through how many reps you got at 85% of your deadlift test. Under 10 reps put you in the Red group, 10+ puts you in the Green group. This will help both groups develop their weaknesses.

A. Deadlift
Red Group - 6 x 5 - 70% / 90 Sec Rest
Green Group - 5 x 5 - 80% / 3:30 Rest

B. Every 4 For 20
6 Front Squats @ 55% (from the floor)
45% of T2B Max
6 Hip Extensions - 2 sec pause at top

The goal is to avoid too much lactate today, so split up reps if you feel the burn...

C. 14 Minute Clock

6 Minutes - Work to a heavy 10 TnG Hang Power Clean

Rest 2 Minutes

6 Minute EMOM - 2-5 Muscle Ups

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Deep Comp - 06/28/2016

Week 1, Day 2

Just a reminder. We are programming on the side of more than less. The top athletes in each region train multiple times a day. We know that a lot of you are unable to do this. Like we stated in the meeting, text Eric or Chip for recommendations on where to reduce volume or certain parts to help with time management. If you are able to do morning conditioning or strength work, we recommend you try and split some of the longer days up. Monday will always be the toughest day so be prepared. The rest of this week will not take as long.

A. Press - 5 x 3.3 - Rest 10 sec / Rest 2 min

B1. Single Arm DB Push Press - 4 x 5-8 e/s #20X2 - Rest 60 sec
B2. Forward Leaning Rest on Rings (FLR) - 4 x 30 sec - Rest 60 sec

FLR - Slowly press down into the rings, pushing your body up and away from the floor, then let your torso come back down to a neutral position between the shoulders. Continue this during the 30 seconds.

C. EMOM 10min
Odd - ME Strict HSPU in 15-30 sec
Even - ME DB Farmer Carry Distance in 30 sec (heavy)

Record sets, reps, distance for each roundie.0 - 10,41 - 50'2 - 8,5,24 - 50'etc

D. AMRAP 4 @ 80%
3 TGU e/s
6 Alternating goblet KB Lunges

Rest 3

AMRAP 4 @ 83%
4 Power Jerk @ 65%
32 Double Unders

Rest 3

AMRAP 4 @ 86%
5 Box Jump / Step Down 30/24"
150m Row

Increasing % simply means increase your effort / output during each AMRAP. Use same KB weight for both movements. Err on the side of light.

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Deep Comp - 06/27/2016

Week 1, Day 1

We will continue to sprinkle in a couple tests so we can gain more and more insight into your individual strengths and weaknesses and assign proper work accordingly. We will call any tests out. Because we will be varying rest, percentage, and volume prescriptions for certain workouts, you will have to focus more on competing with yourself. We will do our best to provide detailed information regarding what type of effort we expect.

A. Every 2 Minutes For 10
Hang Snatch High Pull + Hip Snatch - 5 x 3+2

B. Every 2 Minutes For 10
Slow Snatch Pull - 5 x 3

3 Seconds from floor to above knee, then focus on speeding up into the hips for the jump.

C. Every 3 Minutes For 18
Back Squat - 6, 4, 2, 6, 4, 2 - #30X1

Second Wave Heavier. Don't exceed 90% on final double. Adjust weight to adhere strictly to tempo. The goal is to train the proper time under tension as well as develop speed through the recovery.

D1. Double Arm DB Hammer Curl - 4 x 5-9 #30X0 - Rest 30
D2. Double Arm DB Laying Tricep Ext - 4 x 5-9 #30X1 - Rest 30
D3. Reverse DB Fly - 4 x 5-9 #30X0 - Rest 30

Use rep ranges in accordance to your upper body gymnastics strength. Higher reps for those needing more development.

E. 3-5 Rounds @ 95%
15 Seconds TnG Power Snatch @ 55%
20 Seconds UB C2B Pull Ups
25 Sec High Output A.B.
Rest 2-4 Minutes

Chip and Eric will prescribe your rest intervals. Goal is near total recovery between rounds. Amount of rounds will vary depending on your upper body pull proficiency and AD output drop off. 95% effort means stay below all out effort / speed. 

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Deep Comp - 4/01/16


 Saturday team workouts will remain at 11 until further notice.

I. Strength

A. Every 3 Minutes For 15
2 Clean + 1 Jerk (60,70,75,80,85%)

B. Pause (below knee) Clean Deadlift + Shrug - 3 x 5 @ 105-110% 

II. Conditioning

Teams of 2 MF pairs
5 Rounds
20 Alternating Deadlifts 275/185
10 Synchro C2B Pull Ups
20 Altnerating DB Snatch 80/50#
10 Synchro Strict HSPU

  1. Alternating movements are performed where each partner does a single rep. One partner may be ascending while the other partner is descending. For deadlift this means partners can't change directions until one partners bar has hit the ground and the other partner has achieved full hip extension.
  2. Synchro movements mean both partners must achieve the full range of motion at the same time. For C2B this is when the chest hits the bar, and for HSPU this is when the arms are fully locked out.


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Deep Comp- 3/29/16

I.  Strength

A1. Back Squat - 5x5 @70% - Rest 30 Seconds

A2. Wallballs - 5x30 UB - Rest 3 Minutes

B. Pull Up Complex (Strict + C2B + Pull Up)

3 x 5+5+10

Goal is to complete without coming off the bar. Practice fluid transition.

II. Conditioning  

15 Muscle Ups
75 DUs
8 Snatches 135/95#
6 Snatches 165/115
4 Snatches 185/125
2 Snatches 205/135
120 Foot DB Front Rack Lunge 55/35



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We are on the bubble ladies and gentlemen. Although the competition is stiffer, everyone has already proven they have what it takes to be at Regionals. We've trained harder than any previous year and it shows. We all spent the last four weeks putting ourselves through a lot of pain to give ourselves this shot. Well, the final drive of the game is here. This workout is all that stands between us and walking onto the Regional stage to compete with the best. Most of us have done this workout before so we know how bad it hurts. I can tell you this, nothing is going to hurt worse than missing out on the opportunity to show off what Team Deep can do. Don’t leave anything on the table. As you look at the bar after a set of burpees, tell yourself this: "there is someone else in our region who isn’t staring at the barbell, because they already picked it up." Pick the barbell up tomorrow and let's fucking crush this shit.


Kevin did very well on this workout in 2014 so here were his sets:

unbroken the rest of the way

This strategy will work very well as long as your rest is 3-5 seconds tops. I watched a lot of people do this workout that year and it was all down to transitions. The burpees need to be your recovery and you have to pick the barbell up immediately. Tara tried to do big sets out the gate and actually failed a couple thrusters on her first try. The pressing motion really taxes the shoulders quickly. She did some smarter breaks on her second try and improved by 30 seconds. 

Key Points

  1. Breathing during the entire thruster movement is a must. There shouldn't be a single moment where you are holding your breath. The bar is light, you don't need the valsalva maneuver. 
  2. Keep the arms very relaxed. If you are pressing the elbows up you will tax the shoulders faster. 
  3. Practice your burpee technique. Rich maintained his signature burpee hop back in '14, but he switched to a hybrid step up mid way through tonight's event. See what works best for you and keep moving. 
  4. Wear knee sleeves, it will keep you from squatting as deep.
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Get your axes, it's time to start chopping.

This workout is going to be very different person to person so let's focus on the commonalities. Everyone is going to need to work on two main areas in regards to mobility.

Hip Flexors / Hamstrings

The primary movers for the first three movements are going to get taxed quickly. Make sure you free up as much range of motion as possible to cut down on low back issues. If you haven't worked on your Psoas much, grab a kettlebell and turn it upside down. Use the corner of the handle to dig down into it. This will relieve a lot of low back pain if you are nervous about tightening up.

For almost everyone we are going to recommend breaking up deadlifts into sets of 15 max. This is going to heavily rely on how your body responds to volume. Break your sets up by going 2-3 reps below your "lactate pump" point. We think wallball is where you need to push for bigger sets. The row is going to act as recovery. The girls were barely holding 880 cal/hr. This translates to about 11-1200 for the men. Quick and small sets on HSPU from the start to maintain fast and quick lock outs. Sara was getting no repped and having to spend extra time holding at the top to reach her heels over the line. 

A few random observations based on the live workout tonight.

1. Katrin's neutral head position on deadlifts. Don't arch your neck on these. Sara craned her neck the entire time and this will come back to get you on HSPU. Keep your head neutral and look 3 feet in front of you on the ground.

2. Sara's feet on wallball. You may not have noticed that she never extends her ankles. This saved a lot of energy that Katrin was expending by doing a jumping motion every rep. Watch how she keeps her heels on the ground and applies force simply by straightening the legs.

3. Play with the rower and find the least amount of energy you can expend to still achieve a cal almost every pull. Most guys can achieve this with about 1200 cal/hr on 23-26 s/m. For girls you will want to try to stay around 750-850 at 25-28 s/m depending on height. The row has one of the biggest output gaps between reps than any other movement so be smart. Rowing 5-8 calories faster takes a disproportionate amount of extra work. Come off the rower ready to attack the HSPU. Feeling light headed is going to make you feel weak when you get upside down.

Good luck everybody!

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Video Part 1

Video Part 2

This one is a bit more straight forward than the previous workouts. This couplet is going to test two main things:

Lungs, and skill under fatigue.


7 minutes is a fairly short time domain so pacing will be fast, or really fast. I recommend that you determine from the start which will be your biggest limiter. Most will have difficulty with either stringing BMU or maintaining unbroken snatches at a fast clip. The workout obviously changes quite a bit if you are lacking BMU proficiency. We will do a video in the morning discussing many tips for executing them. Mentally you have to be prepared for lactate burn during the high rep snatches. The weight is light, don't break just because it burns.

Workout Breakdown

  1. Use hand wraps. You can't risk ripping.
  2. Practice cycle time with a heart rate monitor. You want to move fast, but not so fast that you spike too early. 10 reps in 20 seconds vs 25 seconds may equate to much more of a drastic change in heart rate. 
  3. Vary your snatches. You will want to mix these up a lot. Sometimes re-bending the knees, other times not, sometimes being more explosive with zero arm pull, other times more arm involvement.
  4. Breathing is important, no holding your breath at any point. Practice both movements with steady control of breath. Find where you feel most comfortable breathing in and out during the movements.
  5. Hook grip. Keep it loose with just the thumb and middle finger gripping the bar. You want to stay relaxed so you can save grip for the BMU.
  6. Transition times are super important with a shorter workout. You can only rest before BMU. Immediately after you need to be on the bar.


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Oh boy...

This is one of the most cleverly designed Open workouts yet. It is almost perfectly balanced between gymnastic ability and high end strength. You can't just be good at a lot of toes to bar, you also have to hit some big weights under considerable fatigue.

General Tips

First off, the 4 minute bonus is misleading, you will want to work continuously. After watching Dan Bailey it is obvious you need to accrue as much extra time as possible. Our initial impression is to front load the work / intensity.

Let's talk tie-break. This is going to be super important. After the set of double unders, your time is recorded. Because strength will be most people's bottle neck, set up your strategy so you can maximize your tie break score. For instance, let's say you know you can't hit 275 / 175. Your strategy will be for the best possible time to complete DUs rather than taking extra rest to feel fresh enough to hit the weight. 

This is a workout that will be repeated. For some it may be getting that single rep of a heavy clean, for others it will be finishing a couple more squat cleans to break into the next bonus round.

Movement Tips

Toes to bar efficiency is going to be very important. We will go over various techniques and what we believe is best in the morning video. Look back on the many workouts we did this year involving 100 or so T2B and be smart about your sets and reps. Weightlifting shoes are heavy so unless you absolutely need them to clean in, I would forgo them. Play with mixing up your grip.

Have a spare rope in case of catastrophe. It happens. Make sure you have a judge that is good at counting DU reps. This can be frustrating if you feel you are doing extra reps.

Fast singles will be the name of the game on Cleans. At the lighter weights, try to use only as much energy as is needed. Don't get overly explosive or worry about full extension in the jump. Grip the bar lightly and release the grip quickly to stay relaxed. Try your best NOT to catch the bar high and ride it down. You will want to limit eccentric load. You will want to catch at the very bottom of the squat and bounce out quickly.


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Deep Comp - 3/1/16

Awesome work on 16.1 team. You should all be proud of your efforts. The next four weeks will be a grind. Stay positive and find ways to keep yourself mentally fresh. Add in meditation time or anything else relaxing for you. If this workout wasn't your strength, don't dwell on it. It's time to focus on recovery and training so we are best prepared for 16.2.

Tuesdays going forward will be pretty tough. It is going to be the hardest training day during the open so be ready to come in and work through lingering soreness / mental fatigue. These are not super high intensity days, save that for Friday.

I. Warmup

A. Spend a good 10 minutes mashing glutes / biceps / any other problem area lingering from 16.1
B. Spend 10 minutes warming up the posterior chain followed by quad and hip stretches - Talk to Eric and Chip about specific drills to do
C. 3 Rounds - 15 AB Cals, 10 Jumping Goodmornings, 60 Seconds DUs

II. Strength / Accumulation

Every 90 Seconds For 12 (8 sets)
5 Ring Dips
3 Deadlifts (building)

Rest 6 Minutes

Every 45 Seconds For 6:00(8 sets)
5 Deadlifts 165/115#
7 Box Jumps

III. Conditioning

4 Minutes on, 3 Minutes off, until completion

60 Cal Row
50 T2B
40 Wallball
30 Power Cleans 135/95
20 Muscle Ups

- Try to get as far as possible in 4 minutes, rest 3, then continue for another 4. Repeat this until you complete the workout.

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Open 16.1

Friday Night Lights Sign-Up

It’s finally here guys and girls. The first Open workout can be summed up with a very classic CrossFit Phrase: Work Capacity.

Luckily this is exactly what we’ve been building with our program. Every time you wanted to kill us because of the increasingly difficult rep schemes and soul crushing EMOMs you were preparing yourself for this.

Let’s Dig In.

#1 Pacing - This is going to be paramount. Find a place just entering the uncomfortable, and stay there. Think 80-85% of your heart rate which should feel very similar to the tougher EMOMs you completed over the past 6 weeks. 20 Minutes is a long time, so conserving energy in all ways will be crucial. Think stoic but relaxed face, precise and consistent movement, stay calm, and focus on your breathing. Aim to have gas in the tank for a burst in the final 3-4 minutes.

#2 Mobility - Let’s be honest, this is going to pummel you into submission if you can’t keep the bar stacked properly. Any forward displacement is going to over activate a number of shoulder and back muscles. It is also going to kill one area a lot of people may forget about. The forearms. This workout will become very grippy if you are constantly squeezing the crap out of the bar to try and move it into position. Find a grip width that provides the most solid skeletal stack. Any elbow bend is going to be no bueno. We will tackle warm up in the video.

#3 Break early - Unless you have butterfly for days, we highly recommend breaking this up early. 4/4 will be ideal. Never let pull ups slow you down. You want to maintain the exact pace from the get-go.

#4 Show me the worm - Do not under any circumstances place extra load on the shoulders during the push up portion of the burpee. You should be doing the ugliest, sloppiest fall to the ground and worm back up burpee you can perform. Stay relaxed and press only the upper part of the body off the ground, then snap the legs up wide. The video in the morning will contain examples of various techniques.

#5 Gather intel - You should know exactly how many steps at what distance per step will get you across the line with half an inch to spare. You don’t want to be thinking about anything else than counting your steps and breathing. You should be able to do it in your sleep and make it across perfectly. Do a number of practice runs to feel comfortable with your stride.

#6 Knee sleeves - I don’t care if you never wear them, you need them in this. You are going to be tired and smashing your knee into the floor is going to feel less than great. Get some knee sleeves from a friend and use them.

#7 Attack your strengths - Most of you will have one strength in this workout, you need to capitalize. Give yourself rest before your worst movement. If lunges are your thing, then do fast steps with no stutter at the center for as long as possible. If it’s pull ups, then go unbroken for as long as you can so you can give yourself a rest at the halfway point of the lunges. The burpee to lunge transition will most likely be the worst. Find a pace that doesn’t spike the crap out of your heart rate and stick to it. One last thing on the lunges, if you know you have poor mobility then do not force yourself to make the entire trip. Once you pump out your shoulders it will be game over. Once you pump out your shoulders it will be game over. It will suck and be frustrating, but drop the bar, let the arms sag by your sides for a few seconds, and then continue to the finish.

Chip and I will have more for you soon as we gather more information. 

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Deep Comp - 10/23/15


Mandatory meeting tomorrow at 11 AM. Please be here early. 

I. Warm-Up

Barbell Quad Mash (top and inside)
10 Single Leg GHD Hip Extension e/s
30 Sec Banded Hip Flexor Stretch e/s
400m Run

II. Strength

In 15 Minutes
2 x 6 Alternating Reverse Lunge + 1 Split Jerk
2 x 4 Alternating Reverse Lunge + 1 Split Jerk
2 x 2 Alternating Reverse Lunge + 1 Split Jerk

  1. Front rack position, from racks, building.

III. Conditioning

Alternating EMOM 28
5 Power Snatch 155/110#
15 GHD Situps
20 WB 20/14#

  1. For hspu, perform as many strict as possible, then switch to kip

If you did any of the fittest games qualifiers here is an alternative

Alternating EMOM 28
10 Front Rack Walking Lunges (5 e/s) Choose a challenging weight
15 WB 20/14#
15 GHD Situps / 20 Hip Extensions alternating

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Deep Comp - 10/21/15

If you feel like you need a rest day, you probably DO.. If you'd rather rest today and make up the work tomorrow that is acceptable. If you choose to rest today, come in and work on recovery. 

I. Warm-Up

500m Row
Hamstring Mash /w LAX Ball
Groin / Hip Opener
Deltoid Mash /w LAX Ball

II. Strength

In 10 Minutes, work up to a heavy 5 (~80-85%)

III. Accessory Strength

A1. Standing Plate Raise - 3 x 12 (20X1)
A2. Prone DB Fly - 3 x 12

  1. For both movements, focus on relaxing the deltoids and pulling more from the upper back. Shoulders should be pulled back and down
    Keep a fixed elbow angle (almost fully open for flies and fully extended for raises)

IV. Conditioning

6 Rounds
30 Sec Muscle Ups (Sub-maximal effort) - Refer to notes for reps
30 Sec ME Deadlift 225/155 - Add 20# each round
30 Sec ME Assault Bike (reset bike each round)
Rest 3 Min

  1. Allow 27 Minutes for the portion of this workout.
  2. Muscle up- the goal here is to accumulate as many MU as possible over the course of the 6 rounds, WITHOUT ever failing a rep. For example, if you can do 10 Muscle ups, a good plan would be to do 5 reps, then 2-3 reps after a very quick break.
  3. Immediately transition from one moment to the next, there's no extra allotted transition time. 
  4. List your total reps of each movement. 
  5. Be sure to add 20 pounds after each round of deadlifts and start with the bike at zero calories each round. 
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Deep Comp - 10/19/15

Final 2015 Cycle Overview

We are moving into our final cycle of 2015! We wanted to give you guys a bit of information on what you can expect. As we said in the very beginning, our programming would become more and more specific to the opens the closer we got. We started off primarily focused on strength gains and muscular endurance, then aerobic capacity, pulling strength, and olympic skill work. Now that we are getting closer, our energy system work will become more specific to our needs in the opens and hopefully regionals. We are also going to use this as our last opportunity to build a bit more leg strength to carry us the rest of the way.

Expect to see more frequent "CrossFit Workouts" as well as accessory work for building more leg and squat strength.

We are also going to set a time for a team meeting this week. Please let us know in the comments if one of the following days works best for you: Wed / Thr / Fri Evening.

I. Warm Up

Box Piriformis Stretch 
5 - Way Banded Shoulder Stretch
500m Row
15 Squat Jump Box Jump 

  1. Perform a squat, on the way up jump onto the box but land in a full squat, stand up and then step down. Repeat.

II. Strength

A. Back Squat - Every 2 Minutes

0 - 70% x 5

2 - 80% x 1

4 - 72% x 5

6 - 82% x 1

8 - 74% x 5

10 - 84% x 1

Use as little gear as possible and focus on speed. 

III. Barbell

B. In 10 Minutes

Build to a heavy 3 position snatch (floor, below knee hang, hang)

Be patient from each position, make sure the barbell is close to the hips before initiating the jump. 

This is not a chance to max out, stay below 90%

IV. Conditioning

100-200-300m Run
10-20-30 Pullups

Rest 5

Box Jumps 24/20"


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Deep Comp- 10/16/2015

This is Friday - Sunday's work. Feel free to split as you like. Due to the competition Saturday, we recommend doing this on Friday and Sunday.

I. Warm-Up

Shoulder Internal Rotation Mash

- Use a heavy KB 

II. Strength

Snatch - Max

Clean & Jerk - Max

III. Gymnastics

A. 8 x 6 Strict C2B Pullups (rest 50s)

IV. Conditioning

4 Rounds

25 Calorie Row

10 DB Burpee Box Overs 55/35# 20""

5 Sumo Deadlift High Pull 135/95#

Rest :30s

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