Deep Comp- 3/16

Captions this! 

Captions this! 

I apologize for mistyping the date on Tuesday and confusing everyone. Hopefully the extra day of rest has you feeling optimally recovered. It is essentially a wash anyway because we just rearranged rest days, as we were trying to frontload the week with a workout, since volume was severely decreased on Sunday. 

My mistake for not pointing that out. You can move forward in a couple of different ways on Thursday:

1. Rest

2. Complete the day you missed.  

3. Complete an abbreviated / adjusted version of the day you missed. 

At this point, it is a case-by-case decision for each person as different people have done different things this week. Please see me or Coach Eric to help determine how you should treat your Thursday workout.  Most people should choose option three and make the intensity comparable to the past three Thursdays. No one should do muscleups, hspu, or deadlift tomorrow, so that should help with your exercise selection. 

Most of you ended up getting additional rest this week and will be better for it on Friday.  

Remember-the goal is to feel 100% on Friday.  Less is more. 


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