Deep Comp- 3/15/17

Just want you guys to know that I could not be more proud to be your coach. We're officially over halfway through the open, and our true colors have been revealed, painting a remarkable picture of a team who has what it takes to reach the next level. It's been electrifying to see you guys understand and do whatever it takes each week, putting the team's best interest ahead of your own. Fighting through bloody hands, sore backs and sleepless nights, staying focused all the while.

Our efforts so far have been valiant, but it's time to turn the page to a new chapter, 17.4. 17.4 will reward your efforts for this workout and this workout only, with no regard our first three workouts. We have to forget about the past and march forward with our blinders on this week. This is the only week that matters, and we're not leaving anything on the field.


I. Strength

A. Deadlift - 3x3 @ 85%

  1. If you are prone to back or hamstring injuries, decrease the loading.
  2. If you repeated yesterday, do 75-80%. It's not about how you feel today, it's about the delayed affect of continuous days of high output. #trust


II. Skill

B. Alternating EMOM 12

4 Alternating V Roll Pistols

10 HSPU AFAP (perfect cycling form)

4 Seating Ring Transitions


III. Conditioning

C. 5 Rounds AFAP

7 Ring Dips (hold lockout 1 full sec)

9 SDHP 115/75

3 Ring Muscleups

Someone give this girl a wet nap, cuz she dun with da weight buffet 🥘 🍴     

Someone give this girl a wet nap, cuz she dun with da weight buffet 🥘 🍴  



🍕 Papa John coming up big on his repeat.  



Tay tay making his presence known as the c2b  👑  holder.  



Jefe with his next level performance.. treating 185 like a toy and not giving a 💩.


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